Zewditu Gebreyohanes: Facts You Need To Know About The New Addition To Albert Museum

Zewditu Hailu Gebreyohanes is the New Appointment By Prime Minister Of UK As Trustee Of Victoria And Albert Muesum
Zewditu Hailu Gebreyohanes is the New Appointment By Prime Minister Of UK As Trustee Of Victoria And Albert Muesum( Source : lincorrect )

Zewditu Gebreyohanes is one of three new trustees of the Victoria and Albert Museums appointed by the prime minister through the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS).

The right-wing commentator Zewditu is one of three new candidates, along with Rusty Elvidge and Rosalind Polly Blakesley.

Her colleague Rosalinda is a Russian and European Art professor at the University of Cambridge, and Rusty is a managing director at Credit Suisse who advises ultra-high net, worth entrepreneurs.

Gebreyohanes, along with the other two trustees, was appointed by the UK government through fair and open competitive procedures, in line with the governance code on public appointments.

According to The Art Newspaper, The commissioner for public appointments regulates the appointments and competition to join as trustees of the V&A Museum.

Who Is Zewditu Gebreyohanes? Kings College Alumna As Trustee Of V&A Museum By UK Government

From Ethiopian-English heritage, Zewditu Gebreyohanes embraced the path of conservatism from the beginning of her studies. Her English mother and Ethiopian father encouraged her to make a career out of her hobby.

According to Line Correct, her commitment to traditional values and ideas led her to become close to great Sir Roger Vernon Scruton, a British philosopher and writer specializing in the furtherance of traditionalist conservative views.

The former Head of the History Matters unit at right-leaning Policy Exchange, Zewditu, was inspired by the crisis of freedoms in the West conference to make her career in conservatism.

During her work for Policy Exchange, a rightwing commentator Zewditu accused Kew Gardens of going against its legally defined purposes. Recently, Restore Trust congratulated her online on her appointment as trustee.

Zewditu Gebreyohanes Age - How Old Is Keeper Of V&A Museum?

According to Wiki Data, belonging to the English-Euthopiean cultural group, Zewditu Gebreyohanes is 23 years old. She was born in 1999 to her British mother, Flora Eleanor Rhalou Griffin, and her father, Mike Hailu Gebreyohanes.

She graduated from King's College London in 2020 with a degree in philosophy, politics, and economics and started working as a research intern at Policy Exchange.

Zewditu Gebreyohanes Is Appointed At Victoria And Albert Museum As Trustee
Zewditu Gebreyohanes Is Appointed At Victoria And Albert Museum As Trustee( Source : theartnewspaper )

The young Anglo-Ethiopian conservative thinker got an opportunity to work under the wing of Sir Scruton. As a result, Zewditu's publications have covered topics like "does decolonizing the botanical collections at Kew undermine its core mission?"

The Anti-woke activist will now work as a trustee of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The Prime Minister of the UK government appointed Gebreyohanes for a four-year term starting September 05, 2022.

Barbara Keeley attacked her appointment, saying that public positions should be based on merit, not how much one has donated to the Conservatives. 
The National Trust defended the statement citing that they are aware of the government's appointment of Zewditu Gebreyohanes as trustees of the V&A. The trust added that trustees play a vital role in the governance of any organization and have high regard for her as a close partner and colleague.

Zewditu Gebreyohane's Salary As V&A Trustee And Net Worth

The post of trustee at Victoria and Albert Museum is unpaid. Zewditu Gebreyohane will work off on reasonable travel expenses reimbursed according to the V&A expense policy.

Her role as the museum curator will involve attending six Board meetings annually and an annual away day. From time to time, the board will pay Zewditu's travel expenses.

Zewditu has just started her career and aspires to become an outstanding personality in the field of conservatism. Per our estimation, her current net worth might be around $100 to USD 200 thousand.

Most of Gebreyohane's earnings come from her career as a right-wing commentator and anti-woke activist. Yet, despite her high income and wealth, she prefers to live a modest lifestyle.

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