Zeus Collins And Chienna Filomeno aka CHIE Scandal

Recently, a video went viral, where a couple can be seen having private time, and people are saying that the couple is Zeus and Chienna. However, there is no evidence to support this claim.

The video was shot by CCTV cameras and has very bad video quality, such that there is no way to identify the couple's face. However, that did not stop people from saying that they are Zeus and Chienna.

Zeus has written an Instagram post clarifying that the video is completely unrelated to him and is nonsense. He also wrote people to be aware that their devices might get hacked by this kind of fake news.

It appears that the scandal about these two stars is some kind of fake news. People have to be aware of what they are sharing and clicking on the internet.

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Are Zeus Collins And Chienna Filomeno Dating?

No, Zeus and Chienna are not dating each other, which Zeus also answered in his recent post saying it to be a gossip. Zeus has been reported to be in a relationship with Paułinè Redondo.

He seems to be in a very happy relationship, so there is no point in having another relationship. About Chienna, there is no information about her dating anyone, so she may be single.

Zeus is on Instagram under the handle name hashtag_zeuscollins with more than 1.3 million followers. He can be seen posting pictures and videos of him having fun with his friends and colleague in different venues.

Chienna's Instagram handle is chiefilomeno, which is a verified account with more than 3 million followers. She uploads pictures of herself in various attire and flexes her figure.