Did Zach Wilson Cheat On Girlfriend Abbey Gile With Moms Best Friend?

Zach Wilson is reported to be sleeping with his mom's best friend
Zach Wilson is reported to be sleeping with his mom's best friend( Source : totalprosports )

Zach Wilson has again made it to the trending section on Twitter. This time around, it is the rumor surrounding his relationship with his mom's friend and cheating on his girlfriend Abbey Gile. 

Abby Gile was removed by Zach Wilson from his Instagram account earlier this year. She has now removed one of his closest pals from his life in retaliation.

Dax Milne, a wide receiver for the Washington Commanders, is currently dating Gile, his former closest buddy and BYU roommate. To know what exactly happened, stay with us till the end. 

Did Zach Wilson Cheat On Girlfriend Abbey Gile With Mom's Best Friend?

Zach Wilson cheated on his girlfriend with his mom's best friend, as per Twitter rumors. Time and again, we see this football quarterback trending on Twitter. At the age of 22, the controversies surrounding him are way too much to handle. 

Today, when the Internet does not seem to stop talking about him, we see another set of squabble has begun concerning his name. To put into context, he was dating a girl named Abby Gile. The couple broke up some time ago, and it is now revealed that she is dating Dax Mline, who happens to be Wilson's friend. 

Dax and Zach are former teammates, and he is currently the wide receiver for Washington Commanders. When the news about the two datings got revealed, fans could not stay calm. They started being keyboard warriors, naming and shaming Abby for being with her ex's teammate. 

While one of the netizens took this far, calling her a homie hopper on Instagram, Gile, being the woman she is, replied that Zach was the one who slept with his own mother's friend. She further added that whatever he said described his idol and not her. This got rather ugly on the Internet afterward. Everyone discussing and making creative memes have taken this to a whole another level. 

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Have Zach Wilson And Abbey Gile Broken Up?

Yes, Zach and Abbey have already broken up. Her relationship with Dax only began after she parted ways with her previous boyfriend. However, as per her recent claims, Zach might have been with his mom's friend before things got over with Abbey. 

The two had been dating for five years, all way since 2017, before calling it quits last month. As per the revelation, the media found out after they unfollowed each other on their Instagram account. Gile even deactivated her profile after that, which showed that she was extremely affected by the breakup. 

When it comes to their relationship timeline, they met each other in high school before 2017. Wilson went to Corner High School in Draper, Utah, and Gile went to Brighton High School. They were quite public about their relationship and gave major couple goals to the public.

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