Yungblud Is Dating Jesse Jo Stark Who Is Also A Famous Musical Icon

Yungblud and Jesse Joe Stark were seen together on a Friday night.
Yungblud and Jesse Joe Stark were seen together on a Friday night.( Source : iheart )

Yungblud recently went Insta official with his girlfriend, Jesse Jo Stark. With a beautiful picture and equally beautiful caption, the man told the world that he was dating this incredible singer. Post the announcement, fans could not keep calm and were extensively searching for the details on this new celebrity spouse. 

He wrote "luv of ma f— lyf ... @jessejostark" on the carousel photo, in which he is wearing a waistcoat with a cheetah print that matches her boots. The duo is seen touching tongues in one picture. On this, Stark replies, "baby love" while sharing them through her stories.

However, as weird as it may sound but the pictures are no more available on Yung's account. This had made fans speculate about different kinds of possibilities, but again the couple discarded every gossip by being papped together. 

In Santa Monica, California, Yungblud went out on Friday night to celebrate his birthday with partner Jesse while sporting a Ronald McDonald-like appearance. The 25-year-old punk rocker wore a yellow and red zip-up jumpsuit with the "M" insignia on it, making him look like the McDonald's mascot. He paired it with black sneakers and bright pink socks, as well as a black mesh top underneath.

Jesse Jo Stark Is 31 Years Old - Yungblud's Girlfriend Is Older

While everyone might be curious to know the age gap between this gorgeous couple, many might be shocked that they have a good five-year age gap where Stark is older than Yungblud. 

Jesse was born on 4th April 1991, in Los Angeles, California, the United States, making her a true Aries. Just her sign says she is confident, passionate, and motivated. On the other hand, her better half was born on August 5, 1997, in Doncaster, United Kingdom, making him a Leo. Similar to his sign, he has a magnetic personality. 

Jesse Jo Stark for V magazine.
Jesse Jo Stark for V magazine.( Source : vmagazine )

Yungblund is 25 years old, and Jesse Jo Stark is 31 years old.

Jo Belongs To A Notable Family

Having the last name that took over the Internet last decade, Jesse is a Stark of the entertainment business. Her father, Richard Stark, is a designer, whereas her mother, Laurie Stark, is a former model. 

Along with jeweler Leonard Kamhout and leather goods producer John Bowman, Mr. Stark founded the company in a garage in Los Angeles. He was a high-end leather merchant at the time, sourcing supplies while Bowman oversaw production.

Jesse Jo Stark Family
Jesse Jo Stark Family( Source : zimbio )

For friends and other motorcycle enthusiasts in the area, the trio produced leather riding gear. Eventually, the company entered the mainstream of fashion thanks to an unanticipated job designing costumes for the B film Chopper Chicks in Zombietown.

He first got to know Laurie Lynn when she bought a set of his leather bathing suits in the 1990s. They possess seven multi-million dollar properties in Malibu, including one on Paradise Cove that is almost $40 million.

Jo has two siblings, Frankie Bell and Kristen Stark. 

Jesse Is Best Friends With Model Bella Hadid

There are many unseen pictures of Bella and Jesse on the web. Last year when Yungblud announced Jesse as his girlfriend, the tabloids featured her as the super model's best friend. To everyone's surprise, she was no ordinary. 

The two have often been spotted at dinners, hangouts, and night outs. However, this time, the paparazzi are conscious enough to click both of them together. 

Jesse Jo Stark and Bella Hadid have been friends for a long time.
Jesse Jo Stark and Bella Hadid have been friends for a long time.( Source : pinterest )

On 5th April 2021, Bella posted a picture with Jesse wishing her for her 30th birthday. Her caption said, "Happy Birthday betty louuuuu. I love you, sister 4 life !you are so special in so many ways and teach me so much. Thank you for being you"

One thing that is most common between the them is that they have a strong last name and are backed by an extremely powerful family. 

Stark Has A Whooping Net Worth - How Rich Is Yungblud's Girlfriend?

After her debut 'EP, Down Your Drain' was released in 2016, the singer-songwriter quickly rose to stardom. She has grown to be a significant social influencer with more than 460,000 Instagram followers. Over 4 million Spotify users have listened to her 2018 track "Mystery."

Steve Jones, a family friend, and the guitarist for the Sex Pistols, produced her debut EP, Down Your Drain. After this, there has been no looking back for the fashion designer cum musician. She is also Internet's favorite, with over 465k followers on her Instagram. 

Jesse Jo Stark is significantly wealthy.
Jesse Jo Stark is significantly wealthy.( Source : everipedia )

With an extremely positive brand value, Jesse Jo Stark has a net worth of over 9 million dollars. Her major source of income is her creative arena, designing, and singing. However, looking at her social media grip, she earns a significant amount through endorsements and modeling as well. 

Her boyfriend, Yungblud, has a net worth of around 11 million dollars. 

A Look At Jesse Jo Stark's Past Relationships

Although a specific date has never been given, according to Cosmo, Yungblud and Jesse began dating in March of this year. A few months later, when Yungblud uploaded several pictures and referred to Jesse as the "love of his life," the two made their Instagram relationship official.

As Yungblud was allegedly courting singer Miley Cyrus at the time, the announcement of a connection stunned people. Nevertheless, we believe Yungblud and Jesse make a great couple. It cannot be denied that they look hot together, raising the temperature.

When it comes to the latter's previous relationships, many sites claim that she had been at least in one in the past. However, she was never really vocal about them as she is now. Further, nobody's actually concerned as well, considering the chemistry between Yung and Jesse in the current scenario.

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