Who Are Yumi Nu Parents? A Look At The Sports Illustrated Model Defended by The Internet Over Jordan Peterson Statement

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Yumi Nu, an American model, was born to parents Brent and Kana Grace. Her Sports Swimsuit cover recently caused controversy among clinical psychologists.

In reply to The Post's feature about the plus-size model's cover debut, Dr.Jordan Peterson's tweet, "Not attractive. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance will make a difference."

Commenters on social media reacted strongly to Dr. Jordan Peterson's statements, with some suggesting an intellectual look into the history of beauty standards.

Yumi Nu is an Instagram star and social media influencer from the United States who is most known for her presence on the cover of the famous fashion magazine Vogue.

Who Are Yumi Nu Parents?

Yumi Nu was born to the loving and supportive parents Brent Nu and Kana Grace Nooteboom.

Her mother, Kana Grace Nootenboom, was a Japanese woman who was the daughter of Hiroaki Aoki, the owner of the famous American fast-food chain Benihana. 

Brent Nu was a Dutchman who was employed in IT and was also a musician. Her family relocated to Maryland after she stayed in New Jersey for seven years.

Yumi Nu is the niece of Steve Aoki, a well-known disc jockey and producer. Her sister is a popular model featured in many modeling covers and teenage magazines.

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Yumi Nu Ethnicity Explored 

Yumi Nu hails from a mixed ethnicity where her mother hails of Japanese descent, and her father hails of Dutch descent. 

She shares a very close relationship with her father, Brent Nu, from her early days and is even taught many musical instruments.

Yumi Nu began her professional career as a singer and writer. She made her debut EP, "Sincerely," and several songs at the age of 16.

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Yumi Nu Family History Brought Into Limelight After Jordan Peterson Statement

Yumi Nu's family history recently came into the limelight after Jordan Peterson made a controversial statement regarding her sports swimsuit.

Jordan Peterson replied to the post with a tweet on Nu's cover, "Sorry. Not attractive. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance will create a change."

His tweet got nearly 4,000 replies, 11,800 likes, and 1,500 quote tweets, the most of which were unfavorable, and people are furious over it. 

People in the comments on social media reacted harshly to his statements, with some encouraging the academic to learn the history of ideas of beauty.

One of the Twitter users responded, "Beauty standards evolve throughout time. "You also presented two articles that don't support your assertion."

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