Was William Redden Arrested in Stephanie Chenefield Case? Missing Mom Disappearance Now A Homicide

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William Redden was arrested in the death of Stephanie Chenefield after her body was found recently.

Shenefield was supposed to go to a concert in Ybor City with a friend on Friday night, but she never showed up. Her friends filed a missing persons report when the mother of two missed a shift at work on Sunday.

The cause of Stephanie Shenefield's death is still being investigated. A medical examiner will identify her cause of death.

Was William Redden Arrested in Stephanie Chenefield Case?

William was arrested on charges of abuse of a body, possession of a weapon by a convicted criminal, and possession of an altered firearm on Thursday evening. According to jail records, he is being held on a $108,000 bond.

Sheriff Rick Wells stated that it took some time for them to be able to identify her, but they have done so and informed her family. He also added they are genuinely sorry for their loss. However, the exact reason for death is yet to be revealed. 

Moreover, detectives gained access to Shenefield's computer on June 8 and learned she had hired an Uber trip to Redden's home in the 200 block of 30th Street. 

Later, detectives visited Redden’s residence to question him, and he confirmed Stephanie was there on that Friday. He tells them they hung out for a while, and Stephanie left the apartment the next morning.

According to detectives, multiple surveillance cameras were also discovered inside and outside Redden's home. Deputies were given permission to take a recording device by Redden, who explained that the system was simply for live monitoring and did not record video.

On Friday, June 3, around 12:20 p.m., the video was taken. Shenefield and Redden were seen inside the residence together in the footage. In the video, William was dragging her unconscious body wrapped in a white sheet through the home and loading the body into a car.

Stephanie Chenefield's Suspect Name Has Been Revealed

According to Wells, the video footage will be important as it will make the entire case clear. It offered everything they needed.


Sheriff Rick Wells of Manatee County provides an update following the discovery of a missing mother's body. He said a suspect was arrested after he gave authorities surveillance footage from inside his home, which showed him dragging a body around the house and placing it into his car.

Likewise, Sheriff Rick Wells announced at a press conference on Friday that a 51-year-old Palmetto man, William Redden, had been charged with abuse of a body in connection with her death.

William Redden Mugshotn Age 

Willian is currently 51 years old. The specific date of birth, however, has yet to be confirmed.

Similarly, there is also no information about his personal life.

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