Michigan GOP Candidate: Why Was Ryan Kelley Arrested? His Charges And Raid By FBI Explained

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The FBI arrested famous Republican gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley, one of five GOP candidates in Michigan, on misdemeanor charges linked to his role in the disturbance on January 6.

Republican Party candidate Ryan Kelley is running for Governor of Michigan. On August 2, 2022, he will be on the Republican primary ballot.

FBI officers raided Kelley's home near Grand Rapids, Michigan. According to an FBI official who spoke to 7 Action News, a search warrant was executed at the property.

Why Was Michigan GOP Candidate Ryan Kelley Arrested? Charges And Raid

According to FBI spokesman Mara Schneider, the FBI executed both a search warrant and an arrest warrant at Kelley's house in Allendale Township. The bridge looks over the video. FBI officers appeared to be loading a man who looked like Kelley into a gray SUV shortly before 9:30 a.m. in Michigan.

It's unclear what the search and the arrest have in common. However, it is said that Ryan was charged for his role in the incident at the US Capitol on January 6.

Forbes contacted the FBI for comment, but spokesperson Mara Schneider confirmed the search and arrested various media sources.

According to the Detroit News, federal investigators are anticipated to file criminal charges later on Thursday.

Ryan Kelly's Wife- Is He Married?

Ryan Kelly is married and the father of five children. On the other hand, Ryan has kept his family members' names and information from the media.

Ryan has been a Michigan resident for 35 years. Ryan's family has always been at the center of his life, and in 2019, they traveled from coast to coast in their RV for five months, taking in all that America has to offer.


In September 2019, Ryan returned to West Michigan and settled in Allendale, where he launched his current real estate firm and was just appointed to the Allendale Township Planning Commission.

Ryan rapidly became a voice of freedom, hope, and reason for the state of Michigan as the coronavirus subject began to infiltrate every area of our lives as 2020 began.

Ryan Kelly Net Worth -How Much Does He Earn?

We don't have official information about Ryan's net worth, but we're guessing it's in the millions. Kelley, a real estate broker, rose to popularity in Republican circles during the COVID-19 outbreak after organizing a demonstration against the lockdowns at the Michigan Capitol.

Ryan is a small company owner with his real estate brokerage and serves clients all around Michigan.

Ryan founded and built a real estate investment firm after leaving AT&T in 2011 to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Ryan collaborated to establish a franchise company in the mid-2010s, and while working as COO, he managed complicated legal contracts and disclosures.

Later, as CEO, he created unique proprietary software and supported many state office launches while directing huge teams to success.

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