Why Is Skims Creative Director Kim Schraub Bald? It Is Cancer or Hairless Disease?

Kim Schraub is a creative director at Skims
Kim Schraub is a creative director at Skims ( Source : instagram )

Skims Creative director Kim Schraub appears bald under her head scarfs which have led to people wondering if she had cancer.

Kim Schraubs works as Creative Director for SKIMS and YEEZY brands fashion. 

Designer and co-founder of Love Leather Kim Schraub honed her skills at Victoria's Secret. Throughout her lengthy career, she has collaborated with numerous celebrities.

People have been particularly inquisitive about her hair because she is constantly seen wearing a scarf over her head. They are therefore interested to find out if she is bald and the cause of it.

Quick Facts About Kim Schraub

Full NameKim Schraub
ProfessionCreative Director of Skims
ResidenceNew York City Metropolitan Area
HusbandDavid Cockrell
Other WorkCreative Director at YEEZY west brands fashion

Why Is Skims Creative Director Kim Schraub Bald?

Kim Schraub wears a scarf over her head and appears bald.

Many have speculated that it is from an illness but it could very much be a fashion choice. The exact cause of Kim Schraub's baldness has not been revealed.

If you've seen her, you'll know that she always has a scarf covering her head. She doesn't have hair on her head. But even so, she nevertheless exudes beauty; after all, beauty extends beyond hair.

Kim has been working as a designer for various brands. She began her career working as a designer for Abercrombie & Fitch in the Columbus, Ohio, region. She designed athletic bottoms, twill, and jeans.

Kim Schraub always has a scarf over her head
Kim Schraub always has a scarf over her head( Source : instagram )

Later, she was given the title of Senior Concept Designer. She spent more than six years working for the business. The Women's and Girls' collection for Abercrombie & Fitch, Abercrombie, and Hollister was conceptually created and directed by Kim.

She also created seasonal trend books and presentations for all brands, which included details on fabric, color, pattern, and silhouette. To distinguish each distinct brand, she directed overall design and trend strategy. She styled marketing for Abercrombie & Fitch quarterly.

Does Kim Schraub Have Cancer or A Hairloss Disease? 

People lose their hair for a variety of reasons. Genetically induced hair loss is a common condition. Androgenetic alopecia is a condition that affects a lot of males. It is also referred to as hereditary or male-pattern baldness.

It might also happen to someone who receives a cancer diagnosis. Regarding Kim, she has not made any detailed disclosures regarding the reason for her hair loss.

Additionally, she had a full head of hair in her earlier photographs, indicating that her hair loss may have started later in life. It's possible that Kim doesn't want her hair to grow and would prefer to shave it because some people don't want to let their hair grow.

Up until she shares the reason behind it herself, all we can do for the time being is speculate.

Kim Schraub's Net Worth 

The evaluation of Kim Schraub's net worth results in an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Thus, she had to have made a fortune designing clothing for celebrities and well-known models.

Kim served as the Greater New York City Area's SVP of Design and Concept of Pink for Victoria's Secret in 2003. According to her LinkedIn profile, she has worked there for ten years. She took the Pink brand from its inception to a $1.5 billion company in eight years.

Kim Schraub has not shared the cause of her hair loss
Kim Schraub has not shared the cause of her hair loss ( Source : instagram )

She developed the Pink brand's general concept emphasizing optimism and lively, youthful, and gorgeous looks. Kim led creative print and graphic teams to use color, pattern, graphic design, and ornamentation to create an emotional brand.

She was also in charge of accessories, swimwear, intimates, and general clothing. She developed the look of a licensed garment company that collaborated with 60 universities, MLB, and the NFL.

Some FAQs

Is Kim Schraub bald?

Yes, Kim Schraub is bald.

Does Kim Schraub have cancer?

Kim Schraub is a creative director at Skims.

What is Kim Schraub's net worth?

Kim Schraub has a net worth of $5 million.

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