Why Is Kerrion Franklin Arrested 2022 And Who Is His Mother Shawn Ewing?

The internet has been taken over by the rumors of Kerrion Franklin's arrest. However, the rumors have not been official yet, so their veracity is still questionable.

Let's find out in more detail about these rumors and what charges are said to be pressed against him.

If anyone is a fan of Kirk Franklin, a gospel singer, they must have heard the name of his controversial son Kerrion. There have been many controversies that surrounded Kerrion, including the fact that his father not being comfortable with his sexuality.

Kerrion is recognized by many people from the show Bad Boys: Los Angeles. He was seen with other guys and in the recent episode, it was seen that him talking and saying that he is bisexual to other fellow mates in the show.

Why Is Kerrion Franklin Arrested 2022?

It has been reported that Kerrion has been arrested, as per Larry Reid Pateron, for multiple charges. If the rumors are true, Franklin is in real trouble and will be facing incarceration if proven guilty.

As per rumors, Kerrion was stopped by the police for broken tail light, and on checking his car, a gun was found. Upon questioning, he said that the gun does not belong to him, so he does not know about it.

On top of that, it has been reported that the car he was driving belongs to the woman who went missing and was later found. Thus, the police are also looking for his relationship with the missing woman.

It has also been revealed that he has 3 charges in Texas; however, there are are no information about what kind of charges he has. The official confirmation of this news is yet to be released.

Who Is Kerrion Franklin's Mother Shawn Ewing?

Kerrion's mother is Shawn Ewing and his father is Kirk. Kirk and Shawn had Kerrion after they met each other when they were teens. Although they never got married, they maintained good parenthood for their son, as per them.

Kerrion has accused both his mother and father of abandoning him; however, his parents have always denied these claims and said that they always helped him to resolve his issues. Kerrion does not have a good relationship with his parents.

Shawn is a center of attraction because of her son and former partner's popularity. She has clarified the accusation made against her by her son on the internet through the podcast. 

It can be expected that she will come to the media if the rumors of her son's arrest in hundred percent true. For that to know with certainty, people will have to wait for the police statement of the arrest.


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