Why Is Kamie Crawford Not On Catfish?

Catfish show are hosted by Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford.
Catfish show are hosted by Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford. ( Source : twitter )

Kamie Crawford is not on Catfish because she was filming Are You The One season finale. Shan Boodram took over as the guest host for the show.

Catfish is an American reality-based documentary show which airs on MTV revealing the truth and lies of online dating. The show is based on the movie Catfish and began in 2012. 

The show was hosted by Nev Schulman and Max Joseph till season 7. Since season 8, Kamie became the permanent co-host of the show.

Now in season 9, both Nev and Kamie are continuing their position at the show. 

Kamie is an American television host and former beauty pageant who was crowned as the Miss Teen USA 2010.

She represented Maryland in the beauty pageant competition. She was also the first contestant to win the Miss Teen Beauty pageant from Maryland and the fourth African American to win the title. 

Other than hosting Catfish, the beautiful tv host is also Sweet Life: Los Angeles and is currently also hosting the ninth season of Are You The One? which is also available to watch on Paramount Plus. 

Why Is Kamie Crawford Not On Catfish?

Kamie Crawford is not on Catfish because she is hosting the new season of Are You The One. Kamie is expected to be back on the next episode.

Kamie Crawford is a reputed TV host known for her charming personality and stylish gait. Currently, this beautiful host is busy hosting shows such as MTV's Catfish and Ex on the Beach and Paramount Plus's Are You The One?

In the recent episodes of Catfish, fans noticed her absence from the show with the co-host Nev Schulman. The beautiful co-host has not been present with her Catfish co-host since February.

Episode 73 of Malcolm and Missy was hosted by Nev and guest host Laura Perlongo. Later on episode 74, the hosts were Nev and guest host Dylan Sprayberry.

And the most recent episode 75 of Shay & Ceejay released on March 14 was co-hosted by Nev and Tallulah Willis

Nev and and his wife Laura hosted one episode of Catfish in absence of Kamie.
Nev and and his wife Laura hosted one episode of Catfish in absence of Kamie.( Source : instagram )

In the next episode, Shan Boodram is going to host the show. According to the tweet she has shared, she will be in the next episode of Catfish. Looking at the tweet, many fans of Kamie are glad and excited that she will be returning for the show. 

On MTV's Instagram account, some fans were questioning where is Kamie and wondering has she left the show. Some are even asked if she is even committed to the show or not. 

But the reason for her absence is that she has been busy with the season finale of the Paramount Plus reality show Are You The One? As she is the main host of the show, she obviously can't miss the show now, can she? 

So, this is the reason for a new guest host on every new episode of the recent MTV's Catfish. After the completion of the season finale of Are You The One?, she will continue her co-hosting in Catfish.

Did Kamie Leave Catfish?

No, Kamie Crawford has not left MTV's Catfish show. And she won't be leaving her show anytime soon. 

According to her interview with Scott Fishman on January 18, 2023, on tvinsider, Kamie explained that she was still filming for the next season of Catfish.

So, there is no intention of her leaving the show currently.

She also responded that when she announced the new season of the show, many people questioned if she was still going to be in Catfish.

She responded that she is one thousand percent going to be on the show. 

The beauty pageant winner is not going to leave the show anytime soon.
The beauty pageant winner is not going to leave the show anytime soon. ( Source : instagram )

Kamie Crawford even said that she was just filming the episodes the day before her interview. They were wrapping up filming as the show is a year-round show. And she has said that the wait is worth it. 

The beautiful co-host has been active on the show since Max Joseph left the show in August 2018, halfway in the show.

To cover up for hosting, different presenters such as singer Elle King, model/actress Selita Ebanks, basketball player Nick Young, actress Kimiko Glenn, model Slick Woods and actress Tallulah Willis have appeared on the show. 

Since season eight in January 2020, she was chosen as the permanent presenter for the show. And she will continue to be part of the show. 

Meet The Guest Host Shan Boodram

Shan Boodram is a reputed expert in intimacy who has spent well over 13 years discussing relationships, attachment, and about making love. 

Not only Shan Boodram is an expert on these subjects, but she is also one of the bestselling authors and certified sexologists with a B.A. in psychology. 

Shan also has YouTube with 698k subscribers with more than 81 million views where she creates content that is mostly science-based.

Shan Boodram along with her husband Jared Brady and their baby.
Shan Boodram along with her husband Jared Brady and their baby.( Source : instagram )

Her bestselling books consist of LAID in 2009 and The Game of Desire in 2019. Shan has recently appeared as a guest host for MTV's Catfish in replace of Kamie Crawford. And this is not her first rodeo on a reality show. 

She hosted + EP of Quibi's number one daily show Sexology with Shan Boodram with more than 200 episodes.

She is currently serving as a coitus and relationship expert on Peacock's new dating show Ex-Rated which is hosted by Andy Cohen. 

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