Why Is Joseph Quinn Spotify Private? Can Stranger Things Eddie Actually Play Guitar In Real Life?

Joseph Quinn in the frame
Joseph Quinn in the frame ( Source : instagram )

Like his Stranger Things role, Joseph Quinn enjoys listening to music. Fans have found his Spotify playlists, but Quinn requests that his privacy be maintained.

When Stranger Things 4 debuted, Joseph Quinn's Eddie Munson was the newest heartthrob in the universe. Eddie, the head of the Hellfire Club, is an idealistic metalhead from the 1980s.

Eddie is blamed by the people of Hawkins for Chrissy Cunningham's death at Vecna's hands, a high school sweetheart, and subsequently for escaping. The amazing Eddie surely gave the world's most metal concert in the season finale as a component of the strategy to defeat Vecna. 

Why Is Joseph Quinn Spotify Private? 

Soon after Stranger Things 4 debuted at the beginning of June, some recent recruits to the Joseph Quinn fandom learned about the actor's Spotify account. Thanks to TikTok and Twitter, word of Quinn's Spotify soon got out, and he swiftly racked up thousands of followers on the music service.

Quinn made his Spotify playlists private in retaliation. Nevertheless, news of playlists continued to spread among his fan group.

Many fans talked about how some of Joseph Quinn's audience were inappropriately overstepping boundaries and disrespecting the actor when the actor made his Spotify account private.

Other fans are disappointed that they arrived too late and were unable to access Joseph Quinn's Spotify.

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Can Stranger Things Eddie Play Guitar In Real Life?

One of the Stranger Things Season 4 cast members, Joseph Quinn, was spotted playing the guitar in the show's season finale. 

The majority of the full-length Stranger Things 4 trailer is made up of scenes from part 1. However, a couple of the trailer's video segments are included in the final two episodes of season 4.

One of them shows Eddie Munson, as portrayed by Joseph, perched atop a van in the trailer park where he presently stays and plays the guitar, but it is located in the Upside Down. The Duffer Brothers were unaware of Quinn's exceptional musical ability until they used it to improve his portrayal of Eddie.

The Duffer brothers asserted that the performer put a lot of time into perfecting the performance. It occurs in a pivotal sequence and is the third of the four phases the friends' team devised to fight Vecna, as those of us who have seen the episode is aware.

The lyrics of the song and the atmosphere they cultivated were ideal for the situation. So, yes, Joseph Quinn genuinely plays the guitar, and he performed the guitar parts in the Netflix series using real chords.

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Joseph Quinn Song Playlist & Inspiration

Eddie Munson is passionate about music, as you will undoubtedly know if you have seen Stranger Things 4. On their first encounter, the Hellfire Club leader extends an invitation to Chrissy to one of his performances and frequently extols the virtues of the electric guitar. And who could forget Eddie's breathtaking guitar solo in the season finale?

Joseph is a fan of music, just like his persona. Even if in real life he can't play the guitar as well as Eddie, he has a taste in music that Eddie Munson would undoubtedly appreciate.

The Stranger Things fanbase, who found  Quinn's actual Spotify account and the several playlists he had created over the years, did not miss this. Like his fictional character Eddie, he enjoys listening to a lot of metal music.

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