Why Does Mitchell Say Ferk On Perfect Match?

Mitchell is a part of the dating show Perfect Match
Mitchell is a part of the dating show Perfect Match( Source : instagram )

Mitchell Eason says Ferk because he is a conservative and wants to avoid cursing. Mitchell dealt with a love triangle in Perfect Match.

The tv-personality became famous after his appearance on the Netflix shows The Circle.  He is now a part of the Perfect Match show to reignite the love with Chloe Veitch.

When he joined the show, his former partner was dating Shayne Jansen but immediately after his appearance on the show she wanted to give Eason a second chance in their relationship.

While being an upcoming reality tv star, he also worked in an Insurance company before getting famous, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Why Does Mitchell Say Ferk?

Mitchell says ferk as an alternative for cursing. Mitchell is very religious and doesn't like to be negative around people.

He became known for saying 'ferking' during his time on the show The Circle. He also even posted a video on his Instagram where he captioned "Take a shot every time I say FERK!!"

He has also capitalized from saying the phrase by making it merchandise on his website. He promotes his clothing through his Instagram and other social media accounts.

His whole family promoting his merch line which is available to buy in his website
His whole family promoting his merch line which is available to buy in his website( Source : instagram )

Fans have mixed reactions to his use of the phrase but it has now become an identity for the reality star.

Eason is a Christian by religion, and his personality revolves around being a good guy and making the word 'ferk' his character.

He has also gained a lot from it from being famous to gaining wealth by selling merch.

He Was Born In Pennsylvania

Mitchell is the son of Tammy Eason and was born in America. His family is a part of the entertainment industry and his brother Ed was also a part of the show.

Since his brother came before him, he had all the information on how to play the game and what mistakes to avoid in the show.

He with his mother during the launch of his clothing line
He with his mother during the launch of his clothing line( Source : instagram )

His unique accent comes from his hometown of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, which his fans noticed. 

Eason is very close to his mother. On her birthday he posted a photo and captioned it by saying that she has a heart of gold and has always supported and cheered him.

He is grateful to have her in his life and is always grateful for all the sacrifices that she has made for him.

His Instagram is filled with time with his family members, as seen on his user handle @mitchelleason. His social media suggest that he is very close to his family.

He is An Upcoming Entrepreneur

Mitchell has been working in the entertainment industry since 2020. He used to work as a health insurance agent for Prudential Insurance before being famous.

He has also modeled for some agencies and advertisers Eason has also invested in a lot of business.

He met his lover Chloe Veitch while on the show in 2021.

The former couple spent time during the show and were still close. After the show, they decided to break up because they lived in different countries.

Veitch posted a message on her Instagram story that read, "I and Mitchell have decided that living across the other side of the world from each other is going to be harder than it seems!"

He is now in another dating show The Perfect Match where his fans are excited to see him again.

He after working out in the gym to keep his body in shape
He after working out in the gym to keep his body in shape( Source : instagram )

Mitchell obtained his real estate license, following in his mother's footsteps. Mitchell identifies real estate as his genuine love on his website.

In addition, he is the CEO of 360 Media Marketing, demonstrating his interest in producing content for TikTok and YouTube.

He has some modeling experience as well, as his admirers were able to see on the show, and he even walked at New York Fashion Week as a high school senior.

At the age of 16, Mitchell launched his own landscaping business, Eason's Scapes and Services. Mitchell has been pursuing the bag since he was a young child.

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