Fans Notice A Patch On Good Bones' Karen Laine's Arm And Wonder If She is Sick With Diabetes

Good Bones star Karen Laine left the show after four seasons
Good Bones star Karen Laine left the show after four seasons ( Source : popculture )

Many have noticed Goof Bones' Karen Laines wear a patch on her arm, leading fans to wonder if she has diabetes.

Karen Laine (together with her daughter Mina Starsiak) gained notoriety and respect for their work remodeling and flipping houses via their tenure as the mother-daughter team on Good Bones. In addition, Karen runs a shop where she sells goods produced by hand.

Knowing that people will be interested in every aspect of your personal life comes with achieving such a level of celebrity recognition. Fans have started wondering if Karen has a diabetes monitoring patch on her arm, and the topic has gained much attention.

Karen, an attorney by profession, provides legal knowledge to the pair's initiatives in addition to her renowned passion, smiles, humor, and optimistic attitude.

Concerns about her health condition is natural among fans, considering how they engage with her and the TV show on a weekly basis. We think the speculations began when Karen went through a weight loss regime. She uses body sculpting methods in order to reduce her weight and keep herself healthy. 

She looks considerably thin and petit, so we reckon the regime is working for her. But this also has led to some concerns among fans regarding her physical health. 

Karen Laine shared the photo of her arms while she was doing body sculpting methods for weight loss
Karen Laine shared the photo of her arms while she was doing body sculpting methods for weight loss ( Source : instagram )

Some even wondered if they saw a patch on her arm during one of her renovation works, while others dismissed this by explaining that it is not a patch but a tattoo.

Karen Laine is well known for her secret tattoo. Her daughter Mina Starsiak Hawk misplaces the keys to a house down a drain in a Season 4 episode. When Karen bends down to get them, Mina unintentionally shows her mother's back as she raises herself back up.

In this scene, viewers see Karen's huge tattoo, which spans her entire back. The image appears to be of a koi fish, even though the camera didn't zoom in on the ink, according to House Beautiful.

Many people were shocked to learn that Karen has a large tattoo, even though she hasn't kept her body art a secret. In a 2018 interview with Marketplace Events, Karen claimed that people are frequently surprised to learn about her tattoo, which she described as extending from the nape of her neck down the back of her thighs.

Is Karen Laine Diagnosed With Diabetes? 

We were able to discover that Karen Laine has never had a diabetes diagnosis. It should be emphasized that her fourth husband had cancer.

Even though Karen was balancing the business and caring for Good Bones, she still found time to attend to her husband's needs during his rehabilitation and procedures, remaining by his side throughout all of them. She really is that devoted!

In 2020, Karen also revealed that she had to undergo minor oral surgery to prepare for her daughter's wedding. She recovered in time to preside over the ceremony.

The reality star disclosed that she had undergone oral surgery in anticipation of the big day, which she claimed she "suddenly" needed. She talked about feeling safe and secure with dentist Dr. Patel and his team.

Laine also uploaded a picture of herself sitting in a chair and getting her teeth cleaned by the dentist and his assistant. The doctor and a staff member flanked her on all sides as she posed with her mouth open for the camera.

Karen Laine husband was diagnosed with cancer
Karen Laine husband was diagnosed with cancer ( Source : distractify )

Laine also had to deal with the results of her weight loss procedure. Because it was a minimally invasive procedure, she was only in the hospital for a short time. Karen displayed how much her physique had altered on social media.

When compared to earlier, her body was significantly different. Karen expressed gratitude to her son William, who had overseen the minor procedure. Karen didn't do what most people do: eat healthfully and exercise regularly to achieve the desired results gradually. She went with a different approach. 

This was supposed to improve her appearance by shaping her figure and eliminating the additional fat around her tummy. According to Karen, the procedure required four minor procedures spaced out over three months.

She added that each procedure only took around 30 minutes and was not painful. According to the hospital that performed the procedure, Starsiak Aesthetics, it was an entirely novel procedure. 

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