Why Did Shinzo Abe and Wife Akie Abe Have No Children? World Looks Into His Family After Former Japanese PM Was Shot

Former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe
Former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe( Source : co )

Shinzo Abe, the beloved husband of radio DJ Akie Abe, is a Japanese Politician who has no children because they had undergone unsuccessful fertility treatments after marriage.

Abe is a politician and the prime minister of Japan. He served as prime minister from 2012 to 2020. Perhaps, he has made an appearance as president of the Liberal Deomatric Party. Also, the politician has remained the longest-serving prime minister in the Japanese record. 

In 2005, Abe had present under Junichiro Koizumi as a Chief Cabinet Secretary. He has got elected to the House of Representatives in 1993. He is currently a member of the Liberal Deomatric political party. 

Why Did Shinzo Abe and his Wife Akie Abe Have No Children?

Shinzo and his wife Akie have no children because they underwent unsuccessful fertility remedies. The politician has shown concern for japan's population. He has upheld couples' right not to have children.

However, Shinzo and Akie have disclosed the reason for not having a baby. But the couple has not adopted the child after the incident. The couple must be busy with their career development. Akie has constructed her political career and is known for her work as a domestic opposition party. 


Akie developed a good relationship with the kindergarten in Osaka while Shinzo was working in his office. She has become close to the Japanese private school Moritomo Gakuen. She has helped the students in the school to develop the Imperial Rescript on Education. 

Further, Akie has been honored as Mizuho no Kuni's principal. She has made her impression in elementary school. However, in February 2017, she quit his post. She had known about the scandal in the school. The incident got featured as the prime mister's missis in Japan for the complicated matter. 

Nevertheless, Akie is fond of children and works for the welfare of the school. Akie and her husband have not planned for their baby. Also, the Japanese prime minister's spouse has got actively involved in social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

Shinzo Abe's Family Explored 

Abe was born to a political family. His family originated from Yamaguchi Prefecture. Also, the prime minister was born in Tokyo. Nobuyuki Kishi, a Japanese bureaucrat the politician, is their maternal grandfather of Abe.

Additionally, Kishi got acknowledged as the economic king. The politician has present as vice minister of Munitions in World War II. Kan Abe was the grandfather of the politician. He used to present in the House of Representatives during World War II.

When Kishi got incarcerated in Sugamo Prison, he claimed politicians to be a Class-A war criminal. Abe spoke on the matter and said the point felt strong revulsion. As a result, the politician has strong emotions toward traditionalism. 

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Shinzo Abe Married Life Details

Abe got married to Japanese radio DJ Akie Abe. The pair have not disclosed their marriage date on social sites. Also, they tied the knot in the 1980s. Akie has changed her surname from Marsuzaki to Abe after joining the knot with a politician. Like her husband, she has joined the political party. 


Moreover, Ake is a member of the Liberal Deomatric Party of Japan. She came from a wealthy family. Her father is the previous president of the confectionery company Morinaga and Company. Ltd. In 1990, she had made her impression as a disc jockey in her husband's hometown. 

Akie has followed her partner Shinzo and took her step in opening organic izakaya. Nevertheless, she was not actively managing the system because of her worse relationship with Shinzo's mother. 

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