Why Are Steve Burton And Sheree Gustin Separated? Did Sheree Cheat On Him With Another Man?

Steve Burton And Sheree Gustin have announced their separation, which has left their fans surprised. The couple's love started after they met each other on the set of General Hospital.

Let's find out more about the star's separation and their personal life.

Steve came into the limelight for his role in General Hospital, where he portrays the character of Jason Morgan. This character is one of the fan favorites and has been in the show since 1991. There was a break in its appearance in the show.

Steve was in the show from 1991 to 2012 and again from 2017 to 2021. There is no doubt that he is an excellent actor who can portray any character with great elegance and put life into it.

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Why Are Steve Burton And Sheree Gustin Separated?

Unexpected news came from Steve through his Instagram story, where he was informing people that he and his wife are separating now. It might be surprising but that was not the most strange part of the post.

In the post, he said that eh baby with which Sheree is pregnant is not his. He clarified to fans that he and Gustin will be co-parenting their beautiful children on-ward. The couple had been together since their marriage in 1999.

It looks like this is the end of their 23 years of being together. Fans are shocked by the news and have taken over the internet to express their feeling for them. People have said that they wished them to be together.

There are many unanswered questions and Steve in his Instagram posts has requested to give them privacy in this difficult phase of their life.

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Pregnant Sheree Baby Father Revealed

Sheree has announced that she is pregnant; however, she still reveals the baby's father. It was initially thought that her husband is the baby's father but Steve has clearly said that he is not.

There are many guesses but they do not have evidence to back them. Thus, a clear answer can only be expected when Sheree decided to tell the world. This is the fourth baby for her, she has three from her relationship with Steve.

People are speculating whether she cheated on her husband; however, there are no answers on this by any of arty involved, so at the moment, there is no certain way of saying whether the child was a result of an illicit affair or not.

General Hospital fans are seriously sad about their separation. Sheree is available on Instagram under the handle name 1shereeburton with more than 40,000 followers.



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