Who Won Survivor Season 42? Meet Maryanne Oketch The Winner Who Took Home $1 Million

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Let's find out in detail about the winner of the television series "Survivor" season 42, Marianne Oketch, who took home $1 million.

Maryanne Oketch received a 7-1-0 vote from the jury over Mike Turner and Romeo Escobar after surprising the jury by pulling out the game's only true secret idol.

Oketch is a member of the Taku tribe. She triumphed in six challenges and was declared the winner of this season.

Who Is Maryanne Oketch?

Maryanne is a Survivor season 42 cast member. She is one of the 18 contestants on the CBS reality show Survivor.

Mike, Maryanne, and Romeo were the final three, and they each had the opportunity to tell the jury why they thought they deserved to win.


At the final tribal, Omar urged all players to prove that they played the best strategic game and insisted that all jury members' votes were "up in the air."

Maryanne tells the jury that she purposefully pretended not to be strategic at the start of the game so that her strategy could shine later on. In the end, Maryanne Oketch was crowned Survivor 42 champion.

Maryanne Oketch Survivor Season 42 Winner Age

Maryanne Oketch, the winner of Survivor Season 42, is 24 years old.

She was born on December 31st, 1997, in the Canadian city of Ajax. Maryanne's zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Maryanne majored in Integrated Science with a focus on Biochemistry. She went to McMaster University in Ontario to study. Her school research was focused on viruses.

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Explore Maryanne Oketch Net Worth

Maryanne Oketch's actual net worth has not been revealed yet on the web.

Many sites on the internet claim that Maryanne's net worth is around $1 million to $5 million, which has not been confirmed officially. She received a million dollars as a prize for winning Survivor Season 42.

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More About Maryanne Oketch Family

Maryanne Oketch's parents are Timothy and Consolata Oketch. At the moment, Oketch's husband or boyfriend's identity has not been revealed yet.

Her father holds a doctorate, a master's degree, and a bachelor's degree in transportation engineering. Her mother has been a medical doctor since October of 2009.

Maryanne's mother worked as a senior data analyst at the Canadian Institute for Health Information. Her mother earned her MBChB and MHSc degrees at the University of Nairobi and the University of Toronto, respectively.

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