Who Went Home On Ciao House? Season 1 Eliminations in Order

A new cooking show of Food Network called Ciao House
A new cooking show of Food Network called Ciao House( Source : instagram )

Justin, Trenica, Jess, Omar, Matt, Corey, Sarah and Preston went home on Ciao House so far. Sarah and Preston were the last chefs to be eliminated.

Ciao House is a Food Network new food competition show which premiered on April 16, 2023.

The show is filmed in Tuscany, the epicenter of Italian cuisine and culture. There, ten contestants were selected to compete with each other for the final prize.

The hosts and the judges of the show are Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabe Bertaccini. It is held at a magnificent villa where they cooked and lived together.

The competitors on the show were tested for their skills in mastering their Italian cuisine, not with their kitchen but within a shared kitchen similar to restaurants.

And they must impress the judges with their skills of years of cooking while they traverse through the different alliances and rivalries among the contestants.

Who Went Home On Ciao House?

Eight people have gone home from the show Ciao House. Sarah and Preston were the last contestants to go home.

The show Ciao House started with ten contestants and two judges.

All the participants and judges of Food Network show Ciao House.
All the participants and judges of Food Network show Ciao House.( Source : instagram )

Till now, episode four has been aired and five members of the house have gone back. They are Justin Robinson, Trenica Johnson, Jess Mahoney, Omar Ashely and Matt Wasson.

But unlike the other four participants, Omar was not actually eliminated from the show. Due to his old injury problem, he had to retire from the show earlier, though it was not his choice.

The list below gives the elimination order of the show's contestants from the first episode to the fourth episode.

Justin Robinson

Justin was eliminated due to his overcooked meat
Justin was eliminated due to his overcooked meat ( Source : instagram )

Justin Robinson comes from Atlanta, Georgia, for the Ciao House cooking competition. But he was eliminated in the first round.

Robinson had created parmigiano reggiano herb-crusted lamb loin with a traditional risotto. His risotto was delicious for the judges, but his lamb was overcooked and thus he was eliminated.

Trenica Johnson

Trenica was captain of her team in second match.
Trenica was captain of her team in second match. ( Source : instagram )

Trenica Johnson comes from Houston, Texas. Sadly, she was knocked out in the second round.

Johnson had worked as a team in the second round. In this round, she made lasagna to be presented to the judges.

As their team failed to impress the judges, they had to select someone to go home. Sadly, she was selected to be eliminated.

Jess Mahoney

Her duck was not upto the palate of the judges.
Her duck was not upto the palate of the judges. ( Source : instagram )

Jess Mahoney comes from the city of Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. She was the third person to be eliminated from the show.

In the third episode, the girls were divided into one team, and Jess was trying to make duck in cherry gastrique with truffle polenta that goes with wine.

But her food failed to impress the judges. So, she was eliminated from the competition.

Matt Wasson

Matt was voted out by his team members.
Matt was voted out by his team members. ( Source : instagram )

Matt Wasson comes from Staten Island, New York, The Big Apple. Matt was eliminated from the fourth episode that aired on the network.

In that episode, he was the captain, and he had decided to make the entree dish of Bistecca alla Fiorentina. But his steak was much more raw than required.

So, his team lost the match, and voting was made for whom to be eliminated. And Matt was selected to be sent home.

Corey Becker

Corey Becker comes from Brooklyn, New York, for the Food Network cooking competition. But the chef has been eliminated in the fifth episode.

Corey had been selected as the team captain for the next match. As the contestant had to make a dish made without cheese made out within Tuscan, he was bit out of idea of what to do.

Not all the dish made by his team was liked by the judges. And finally, the one dish became the deciding factor for the end of his participation.

What Happened To Omar On Ciao House?

Omar Ashley on Ciao House had a bad injury which led to his removal from the show. Fans were disheartened with this news.

During the third match of the competition, he had been bending a lot of time to make things and complete the task they had been given.

Because of his constant bending and picking up things, he was in severe pain when he woke up for the next competition on the fourth episode.

Omar was not even able to get up because his back was in a lot of pain. He was feeling constant contractions every few seconds, and the pain stopped him from even doing anything.

In the show, he said he had suffered from a herniated disc sometime before. After the pain subsided at that time, the problem had not occurred, but during the competition, the pain was back.

The production company had to call the medical team in Italy to check if he would be able to continue with the competition or not.

The medical team suggested that he needed to see the doctor and would not be able to compete for the day.

Omar had to leave the competition due to his health complication.
Omar had to leave the competition due to his health complication.( Source : instagram )

In the show, Omar had a very good performance going on except for his first episode. Even judges were pretty impressed by his skill in cooking and the texture of his taste.

He was selected as the captain for the fourth match in the show. But due to health issues, he could not compete more, and his captaincy was given to Preston Paine.

After the third episode was aired, he talked about why he left the show to his fans and friends on his social media.

Though he could not continue participating in the show, he was proud that he had been able to participate in an international show that is shown worldwide.

On his Instagram live, he said he had gained the recognition and the connection to further gain such opportunities.

So, he will continue to appear on such food cooking competition shows from now.

Ciao House Episodes Recap

Ciao House invited all of their contestants to the big estate in Italy where the competition was set.

The participating chefs were surprised at how good the kitchen was and felt like they were in their grandmother's kitchen. The participants were surprised to see the judges.

They were shocked that one of the participants would go home on their arrival. While cooking on the first episode, many were not able to satisfy the taste buds of the judges.

In the second episode, the judges introduce the chefs to authentic Italian nonnas. They were made to show their ability to make handmade pasta from scratch.

Captains were selected for this match, and Trenica was not able to go with the flow of her team.

Ciao House has four episodes aired to date.
Ciao House has four episodes aired to date. ( Source : instagram )

During the third episode, the groups were divided into men and women group for the match. They were challenged to make a three-course menu, including truffles and wine paired together.

The men's team did excellent work leading the women's team to lose.

The fourth round had an incident as one of the contestants had to go back home due to their health issues. This time the theme of cooking was around an Italian steak.

The dish was one of the main and important dishes of Tuscan cuisine, which is cooked either on embers or on grills.

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