Who Was Sadia Manzoor From Houston Peace Academy? Her Estranged Husband Committed Suicide After Killing His Own Family

( Source : houstonchronicle )

Sadia Manzoor from Houston was allegedly killed by her estranged husband along with her daughter and mother before he killed himself, she was a teacher at Houston Peace Academy. 

Sadia Manzoor was allegedly shot and killed by her estranged husband. She was found dead beside her dead daughter, mother, and her estranged husband. The case is being considered a murder-suicide. 

Manzoor's death has shocked and saddened the community and the Houston Peace Academy, where she was a teacher. The institution has released a statement to announce the death of Sadia and people are paying tribute to the lost soul. 

Let us learn more about Sadia Manzoor and take a closer look at her daughter. 

Who Was Sadia Manzoor? Wikipedia

Sadia Manzoor was a teacher at Houston Peace Academy. 

Houston Peace Academy is a licensed Islamic Montessori and Elementary School that is inclusive, provides a variety of exciting learning approaches, and promotes the beauty of Islam through tarbiyyah. 

She does not have a Wikipedia profile for her wiki and bio yet, but she is making headlines and trending on the internet after her recent demise. 

Manzoor was an amazing human and a great teacher according to the official statement to announce her death released by The Islamic Society Of Greater Houston. 

Much information about her personal life has not come to the surface yet, but she was going through a divorce with her estranged husband according to Houston Chronicles. 

The man had previously made assaults on the woman, he once slashed the tires of Sadia's car and once tried to drown her. They were having arguments about the child's custody while going through with their divorce. 

Who Was Houston Peace Academy Teacher Sadia Manzoor Daughter Khadija?

Houston Peace Academy teacher Sadia Manzoor's daughter Khadija was another victim of the recent incident. 

She was also allegedly killed by her father and her dead body was found in the residence. 

Khadija was identified by The Islamic Society Of Greater Houston in their statement and the society urged other people to keep her in their prayers. 

Much information about Khadija's age and wiki details has not come to the surface yet. The authorities have not shared any details about the family on the internet yet. 


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