Who Was Allan Schwer? Erich Schwer Father As Bachelorette Airs Tribute To The Contestant Amid Hometown Episode

The Bachelorette pays tribute to Allan Schwer on recent episode
The Bachelorette pays tribute to Allan Schwer on recent episode ( Source : usmagazine )

Allan Schwer, the father of Erich Schwer, died over a month ago after suffering from cancer for a few years. He is said to have undergone several chemotherapy sessions in the last three years before his death. 

In the recent episode of The Bachelorette, the franchise dedicated the Hometown date episode to Allan. They paid tribute to him in the end. The episode also made many people emotional, but it also increased their hope that Erich and Gabby would end up together. 

Who Was Allan Schwer? Bachelorette Airs Tribute For Erich Schwer Father

Allan Schwer was the father of Erich Schwer, who passed away in July 2022 because of cancer. He underwent several rounds of chemotherapy over three years before he said goodbye to the world.

Erich had paid tribute to him through a social media post following his demise. He lovingly called his father, Big AL, and expressed how much they would miss him. His mother also commented on the post. 

He died before the hometown date episode featured on The Bachelorette. However, Gabby could meet him as he was alive when the shooting happened.

Bachelorette dedicated the hometown date episode that aired on Monday to Allan. At the end of the episode, they paid tribute to him, which made the fans emotional. 

The reality TV personality posted pictures of his father a few hours ago on his IG handle. He is holding two photos- one shows his father on a motorcycle in his younger days, and another shows baby Erich and his father asleep in a chair.  

The viewers were quick to send messages of prayers and sympathy to Allan's family. A user said that Erich's family is a heartwarming reminder that we should cherish our loved ones.

Another user shared about how she also lost her father 16 years ago because of cancer and empathized with him. 

Erich Schwer Called His Parents Soulmates

Erich Schwer has talked about his parents to Gabby Windey during their one-on-one date. He said they were the best team he had ever seen. They truly were soulmates. 

He also said he wanted the similar bonding with his partner that his mother and father shared with each other. He described his mom, Donna Schwer as a hardworking person, whereas his dad, Allan had a big larger-than-life personality. 

Erich Schwer with his family in a vacation
Erich Schwer with his family in a vacation( Source : instagram )

Although there is less information about Allan and Donna, as per Distractify, Allan was born in 1957, and his wife was born in 1962. But, it is unclear how they met and got married.

There are no details about their early life, but the source mentioned that Donna went to Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, NJ. She currently lives in lives in Bedminster, New Jersey. 

Erich Schwer Introduced His Family To Gabby Windey

Erich Schwer introduced Gabby Windey to his family during the hometown date episode. Erich has a sister named Elise Schwer, who lives in Colorado. 

Before Erich took Gabby to meet his parents, he had already met her Grandpa, John. He is one of the most important people in Gabby's life who accompanied them on their first date.

At that time, Grandpa John effortlessly got along with Erich. Although Gabby does not have a peaceful relationship with her mother, she is close to her father and grandfather.

Erich Schwer and Gabby Windey with her Grandfather John
Erich Schwer and Gabby Windey with her Grandfather John( Source : instagram )

Her father made a brief appearance for her hometown date during Clayton's season because he contracted COVID-19 at the time and was unable to attend the meeting.

Following the Hometown episode, fans have been praying that the two of them ended up together. Instead, they saw both of them falling in love and their bond deepening during the recent episode. 

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