No, Coop Is Not Dead On All American, But Who Shot Her? Season 4 Spoilers Here

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Coop In All American was shot in the last season by Mo after the altercation about drugs. Since the last season, people were worried about the fact that it would be the last season for the character.

Let's find out more about the character and the actress who plays the role.

All American has managed to garner huge fans' attention with its engaging storyline and talented crew members. The show presents the story of a high school football player from South Central, who goes to play at Beverly Hills high school. 

The story surrounds the lead character Spencer James, who is played by Daniel Ezra. However, the best thing about the show is that it is not only focused on the main character but there is also the great storyline of the characters around him too.

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Who Shot Coop In All American?

It was reported by Distractify that Mo was the one who shot Coop in the last season. Many people thought and were worried about that being the end of Coop's story in the show and that they will never see her again.

People love the actress Bre-Z, who plays the role of Coop. She is a talented actress, who is equally known for her rap career. People also loved her in Empire, where she played the role of Freda Gatz.


Her real name is Calesha Murray. It was her grandmother who gave her the name Bre-Z because she would not stop crying until all windows is shut.; Bre-Z comes from the word breezy.

Does Tamia Cooper Die In Season 4? 

Many thought Tamia Cooper will die in season 4, but that did not happen. She did not die but she was shown in Coma from which she woke up after three days. She seems to be fine,

Certainly, some time will be taken for her to recover, but other than that her character seems to be fine. There is so much exploration that needed to be done by her character, plus she is among the crucial characters.


Fans are super excited to see her back. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for her and Spencer, there are many speculations from viewers.

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Coop Actress Bre-Z Update - What Happened?

Many thought Bre-Z was leaving the show as her character was shot and she seems to have died. However, there seems to be more to the story because the character has made comeback.

Bre-Z also has not talked about being interested to leave the show anytime soon. People can find her on Instagram under the handle name brezofficial.

She often shares her clip from the show, so people can check them out on Instagram. She seems to have long story arc in the show so far.

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