Who Is Vitamin Delicious & Has He Accidentally Done A Face Reveal On Twitter?

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Vitamin Delicious's face reveal is one of the most important topics of discussion about his, as many people claim that he has already revealed his face accidentally. 

Vitamin Delicious is a popular YouTuber. 

He uploads a wide variety of videos revolving around several simulation games. 

One of the popular games which he plays is Bee Swarm Simulator. 

Not only games, but he is also interested in music, and originally, he has also produced music. 


Face reveal

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Who Is Vitamin Delicious? Has He Done His Face Reveal? 

No, although there are many claims that he has revealed his face, Vitamin Delicious has not. 

Vitamin Delicious is one of the mysterious YouTubers with over more than 631k subscribers, and none of them has ever seen his face. 

People have been commenting and posting tags asking Vitamin Delicious to reveal his face. 

But every time, Vitamin uses sunglasses, and a mask to hide his face when he comes in front of the camera. 

The reason for not revealing their face is not yet known, but it seems that it is his marketing strategy, not to reveal his face. 

His net worth and income are, however, still being calculated.

Zali Steggall, his wife, is claimed to be worth millions of dollars. The couple is unquestionably prosperous.

He uploads his videos every 2 days and is also seen sometimes going live. 

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Vitamin Delicious Real Name And Age Details 

Just like he has kept his face a secret, Vitamin Delicious has also not revealed his real name. 

Although there are several guesses about his name, none of them were officially confirmed by Vitamin Delicious. 

Talking about his age, he seems to be on the younger side of 20-25 years old. 

His exact date of birth and age are still yet to be confirmed, as he is one of the most hidden youtube personalities. 

Vitamin Delicious Nationality Details 

Talking about Vitamin Delicious's nationality, he is an American. 

Vitamin Delicious has been seen uploading the content from the USA and also has an accent of an American. 

Vitamin Delicious has several channels on youtube, Twitter, and Twitch

He is a popular youtube, and people all over the world like to watch his games, and love the way he narrates them and his comedic styles. 

Vitamin Delicious is a very private person with not much information about him out in the public. 

He likes to keep his life low-key and avoids publicity, but in near future, he might soon reveal his face and his other details. 

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