Vincenzo Gentile Aspires To Revolutionize His Salmon Production Business- Personal Details On The Cast From Future Food Stars

Vincenzo Gentile is a contestant on the "Future Food Stars" reality show. Learn more about the star in this article.

After spending years in the salmon farming industry, Vincenzo aims to revolutionize the industry. His company, which began operations in 2019, now specializes in sustainable artisan smoked salmon.

Who Is Vincenzo Gentile From Future Food Stars?

One of the stars of Gordon Ramsay's fresh new reality TV show Future Food Stars is Vincenzo Gentile, co-founder of Smokin' Brothers.

Vincenzo and 11 other food entrepreneurs compete for a life-changing investment of £150,000 in Gordon's own money for their food business on the show, with Gordon putting them through several tests.

Vincenzo, an Italian native, founded Smokin' Brothers with dear friends Alessandro and Iacopo to revolutionize how they eat smoked salmon, combining a passion for fine food and a commitment to sustainable living.

Their smoked salmon is smoked using traditional Norwegian smokehouse designs before being sliced using their distinctive sashimi slice, which is made in the heart of the Cotswolds.

Vincenzo Gentile Age: How Old Is He?

Vincenzo Gentile's age has not been revealed on the Internet. His date of birth is still being investigated.

Vincenzo has not shared his height and weight details. His educational background is under review.

Vincenzo's company was previously known as 'Atelier Smoked Salmon,' with Alessandro joining him six months later and Iacopo following a few months later.

Meet Vincenzo Gentile On Instagram

Vincenzo Gentile has an Instagram account under the name @vincenzo_smokin_brothers.

He has 1,382 followers and 576 followings on his Instagram account. He has 147 posts on his Instagram altogether.

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Explore Vincenzo Gentile Career

Smokin' Brothers currently has a location at Daylesford Organic Farm in the Cotswolds, making it the only completely independent business.

Vincenzo determined at the age of 21 that he wanted to work as a smoked salmon entrepreneur, but the opportunities to do so on his own were limited. 'With a business plan, he approached the CEO of Daylesford,' he explains.

They wanted him to become an employee, but he wanted his own business, so he responded with a counter-offer. He would continue to supply Daylesford with smoked salmon while maintaining his independence and ability to sell to others.'

Alessandro, who is in charge of production, spends most of his time in Daylesford, while Vincenzo splits his time between London and the Cotswolds.

Vincenzo has no regrets about participating in the series, and since then, he has sought therapy to improve his mental health and is feeling a lot better.

Does Vincenzo Gentile Have A Wife?

Vincenzo Gentile has not disclosed his wife's details.

On his Instagram, he has photos of a girl named Marina Dessi, who could be his partner.

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