Who Is The Tory MP Caught Watching Indecent Video Inside House Of Commons?

If you are searching for who is the Tory MP accused of watching an adult video on Twitter then his name has not been published to the general public yet. 

A Tory MP was caught watching adult videos on his cellphone during a session of the House of Commons by his female colleagues, the female MPs have reported the incident to Chris Heaton-Harris in disgust. 

The alleged MP was seen watching adult videos on his phone both in his chamber and in the meeting of the committee according to The Guardian. The female MPs have also complained about other sexist behaviors and practices in the house of commons. 

Let us learn more about Tory MP caught watching the indecent video. 

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Who Is The Accused Tory MP Caught Watching Indecent Video?

The identity of the Tory MP who was caught watching an indecent video has not been made public yet. 

Although the female Tory MPs who saw the male Tory MP watching the video have named him Chris Heaton-Harris, the name has not been made public yet. 

The incident came to light after a group of about 12 to 14 female MPs shared their experiences of sexist behavior among Tory male MPs, telling Heaton-Harris that something must be done according to The Guardian.

They also called for action against three cabinet ministers who are reportedly subject to inquiries about inappropriate sexual behavior.

As the news of such a shameful act came into the limelight, other MPs and ministers have made their comments. According to Sky News, PM's press secretary told reporters, obviously, it is wholly unacceptable behavior and it is being looked into.

While the case is being investigated and more information is being gathered about the MP in question, people are demanding to know his identity. 

The Accused Tory MP Twitter

The accused Tory MP's Twitter is not known as his identity is yet to be made public. 

However, people on Twitter are furious about the incident and are demanding to know his identity. 

One Twitter user wrote, name? or this is just for entertainment purposes while they are doing more important things. Tory MP 'caught watching porn' during a mass debate in House of Commons. 

Another wrote, Come on Twitter, do your thing, name the Tory porn watching MP! #PMQs #PoliticsLive. 

Despite several attempts from the people on Twitter to name the MP in question, they have been unsuccessful but the news is trending on the platform. 

Is The Accused Tory MP Fired?

The Accused Tory MP could be fired after an investigation. 

According to Sky News, Sir Keir Starmer said, Yeah, it's a sackable offense.

The same article from Sky News also confirms sexual misconduct in the parliament is a ground for dismissal for MPs and ministers. 

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