Arrested: Who Is Richard Romo? Suspect Arrested In Hit And Run Death Of Dylan Buensuceso

Dylan Buensuceso was killed in a hit-and-run on Elliot Road, and Richard Romo was arrested. The accident occurred along Elliot Road and Estrella Parkway in a residential area.

The white Ford pickup truck driver struck Buensuceso and fled the area for unknown reasons.

Buensuceso later died as a result of his injuries after being moved to a local hospital due to their severity.

Romo was brought to the Goodyear Police Department for interrogation, according to police. He now faces two accusations for neglecting to remain at the accident site.

An intensive investigation into the fatal collision is still ongoing at this time.

Who Is Richard Romo Wife?

As he appears to be an ordinary man, Richard Romo's marriage details have yet to be exposed in the media. However, while he is in custody, his wife's identity may be revealed because she may appear in court if he is married.

His family's identity has never been publicized in the media, and his family must be devastated to learn of this.

He assassinated a 13-year-old bicyclist, and his father sought retribution for his son. Frederick Buensuceso argues that seeing the memorial from his home just serves to emphasize the fact that his kid is no longer alive.

Frederick Buensuceso stated that he is "extremely devastated" that his child has passed away and will miss him. All of your memories. 13 years of memories flashed before his eyes, and he didn't sleep much.

Officials say Dylan was murdered in a hit-and-run accident on his way home from school.

Richard Romo Net Worth 2022 -How Rich Is He?

Richard Romo's net worth has yet to be reported in the media, and his employment information is likewise unknown.

Richard Romo had already left the site when the accident occurred. He left the scene without bothering to transport the patient to the hospital, instead opting to flee.

According to the Goodyear Police Department's press release, the event took place around 2:45 p.m. inside a house near 182nd and San Gabriel roads.

Dylan Buensuceso was the boy's name at the college. The suspect was previously described as a Hispanic man wearing a long-sleeve orange shirt and driving a white full-size Ford pickup truck with damage to the exact entrance headlight.

The Goodyear police department did an incredible job apprehending Richard, which ended in the death of an innocent teen. However, it is unknown how they came to have him as a lead.