Does Mike Tyson Have A Trans Daughter? Meet Ramsey Tyson And Siblings On Instagram

Mike Tyson with his trans daughter Rayna Tyson.
Mike Tyson with his trans daughter Rayna Tyson. ( Source : ghanafuo )

Mike Tyson's trans daughter Ramsey Tyson is a nonbinary person who's started a medical transition and socially transitioned with their companions.

They were born one year before Mike married pediatrician Monica Turner. Additionally, of all his children, Ramsey is Tyson's second child.

In 2014, Ramsey Tyson, aka Rayna Tyson, attended New York University to study film.

The celebrity child graduated in 2018, according to their Linkedin profile. They were also recognized as the college's 2016 Best Film Student. The LGBTQIA+ community has their unwavering support.

Who Is Ramsey Tyson? Mike Tyson's Trans Daughter 

Ramsey Tyson aka Rayna Tyson is a nonbinary person who identifies as transmasculine and prefers they/them pronouns. Their early years were mostly spent in Bethesda, where the Tyson family owned a $4 million estate.

Surprisingly, Tyson's ex-wife Monica later received the opulent home as part of their 2003 divorce agreement.

Unlike their father Mike, Rayna has taken a different route and is building a career behind the camera. They have participated in a few acting productions as a crew.

The young actor is best known for their work on the critically acclaimed psychological thriller Joker, in which Joaquin Phoenix, who was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor, starred.

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Ramsey Tyson Age Disclosed

Ramsey Tyson, aka Rayna Tyson, is 26 years old as they were born on February 14, 1996, to parents Mike Tyson and Monica Turner.

Ramsey has asserted that even though their father and the media frequently misgender them, they realize Mike doesn't do it on purpose.

In an interview with them, they said that although they haven't revealed their gender identification to every member of their family, they have previously had a "very little conversation" about it with their father.

They noted that they weren't "really tight" and that they weren't really counting on him to "be amazing at pronouns." However, they claimed that being misgendered is usually strange.

Who Are Ramsey Tyson's Siblings?

Amir Tyson is Ramsey Tyson's only biological brother. Furthermore, Tyson also has five half-siblings from her father's side. Amir, who is one year younger than them, has had great success in the business sector.

At an early age, Rayna's brother established his clothing line, the Debonair Attire.  In contrast to his sister Rayna Tyson, the dashing businessman is involved in the media and routinely updates his social media accounts with photos

Furthermore, Amir is also an intern at ESPN who has been working at the network since 2017. He majored in broadcast journalism while pursuing a history minor at the American University.

Mikey Lorna Tyson, Miguel Leon Tyson, Morocco Tyson, Milan Tyson, and the late Exodus Tyson are all half-siblings of Rayna Tyson.

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Is Ramsey Tyson On Instagram?

Ramsey Tyson is not on Instagram or any social media. 

They dislike being photographed and avoid spending a lot of time online informing the public of their whereabouts. It is not likely that they will join the online community anytime soon.

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