Who Is Rachel Fuda? Real Housewives Of New Jersey Potential Newbie

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Rachel Fuda is rumored to be one of the new casts in the new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Here is everything you need to know about her.

The new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey TV program has been announced after the chaotic reunion.

Furthermore, it is also confirmed that the same ladies will be back for the 13th season as well.

But they are not the only faces in the new season as three new wives are set to be launched on the show.

One of them is widely speculated to be Melissa's friend, Rachel Fuda.

She is a lovely mother of three children and has a beautiful family, thus fitting perfectly in the role. Below is what is available to know about the lady.

Who Is Rachel Fuda? RHONJ Melissa Friend Explored

The new cast of RHONJ and Melissa's friend, Rachel Fuda, is a loving wife and mother who is rumors to be featured in the 13th season.


She is reported to be of Italian heritage as per Reality Titbit and has a lovely family around her.

Her academic, as well as professional background, still remains a mystery but the woman seems to be busy taking care of the family at the present time.

She has three children out of which two are daughters. The lady recently welcomed her youngest daughter, Guiliana, in March.

Rachel is yet to open up about herself in public and do online interviews. So, more information about her life is yet to be known.

All the mentioned details are found on her Instagram account where the lady appears pretty active.

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Rachel Fuda Age Details: How Old Is She?

Guessing from her appearance, Rachel Fuda seems to be around 35- 45 years old.

Her actual age and other birth date details are unknown so we cannot confirm the exact number at this time.

But looking at her pictures and other available information, Fuda seems to be in her thirties, probably in the mid to late 30s.

Who Is Rachel Fuda Husband?

Rachel Fuda's husband is John Fuda.

The new cast of RHONJ has shared multiple photos of her spouse on her social media platform and has tagged his account as well.

But John's Instagram profile is not accessible at the time so more details about the man are still a mystery.

It seems like Rachel and her spouse, John, are married for around a decade and share a lovely family.

What Is Rachel Fuda Net Worth?

Rachel Fuda's net worth value is expected to be around $100k- $500k.

Since her profession and other involvements are unexplored at this moment, it is pretty difficult to exactly estimate the number.

Likewise, the lack of any idea about her fortune on the internet also makes it challenging to approximate her net worth.

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