Who Is Mona Heydari? Iranian Victim Of Honor Killing Is Beheaded By Husband Sajjad Heydari

Mona Heydari became the victim of false manhood and the patriarchal society. Stay tuned to find out the details on the Iranian severed head video on Reddit and Twitter. 

Mona Heydari was a brave woman who got victimized by her cruel husband beheading her in the street of Iran. In particular, Mona Heydari was a bold woman who tried to stand against the patriarchal belief system. However, she paid her life trying to fight against marital violence. 

Thousand of people from around the globe have been mourning her devastating death on the web. In particular, the unwatchable video of her cruel husband carrying her head on the street got viral on the internet, where he was yelling and claimed himself as the true manhood. This video has shocked the entire world, where people have been criticizing the Iranian government and the patriarchal society for this unbearable incident. 

Who Is Mona Heydari? Iranian Severed Head Video Reddit Twitter

Mona Heydari has become the victim of self-pride and manhood. She got forced to marry her cousin Sajjad Heydari at the very young age of twelve. People got disturbed by the Iranian unhuman head video on Reddit and Twitter. 

In particular, Sajjad Heydari beheaded her and carried her head in his hand on the street of southwestern Iran with a cruel smile on his face. Sajjad has been in custody since the news about honor killing outbroke on the internet on February 5, 2022. 

Explored Mona Heydari Age And Wikipedia-Meet Husband Sajjad Heydari

Mona Heydari died at the very young age of seventeen due to false manhood. She had been facing marital violence from her husband, Sajjad Heydari. Further, she gave birth to her first child at the early age of fourteen, less than two years of her marriage. 

On the other hand, Mona Heydari had reportedly gone to Turkey, where some claimed she had an affair with a Syrian man, where she had met online. However, she got killed within a few days after she had returned to her homeland. 

Mona Heydari Is On Instagram

Mona Heydari needs to get justice from the Iranian government: where millions of people have been claiming the change in the Islamic legal system via social networking sites, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Meanwhile, some people wonder if she had her Instagram account. 

However, it has been hard to identify her authentic Instagram account on the web due to multiple fan pages. Nonetheless, people have raised voices for her justice on their social platforms. 

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