Who Is Model Amy Hallam? Is Khalil Bangi Arrested For Abuse?

Amy Hallam is a professional model who was violently behaved by a "misogynist" at a bar in Manchester. The accuser is identified as Khalil Bangi.

Amy is a passionate model known for her dazzling beauty and photoshoot. However, a misogynist man condemned a violent task by throwing a glass pint towards her.

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Who Is Amy Hallam? A Look At The Model Mesmerizing Look At Instagram 

Amy Hallam is a well-appreciated model who has captured the heart of thousands of people through her modeling post.

She is presently working with a modeling agency in Manchester. She has camera angle and projection expertise, and her expression is on the top chart for the pose.

However, the model is yet to be discovered on Instagram. She likes to live a secretive life away from her social media presence.

Amy Hallam Age: How Old Is She?

The gorgeous model, Amy, is just 27 years of age.

However, the model has kept the exact date of birth to herself and is not intending to disclose it. At a very young age, Amy started uploading her pictures on Instagram.

Soon gaining recognization, Amy shifted her focus to modeling and branding. Currently, Amy has become one of the influential and successful models.

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Read Amy Hallam Wikipedia: A Look At Her Biography And Career 

Presently, Amy's name has not been listed on the official site of Wikipedia.

Amy had a great influence on glamorous society from her early childhood. She always had the hunger to showcase her expression in front of the camera.

Like any struggling model, Amy started her journey in digital media by uploading pictures on Instagram. She has more than 400 posts on her profile linked with multiple photoshoots and video shoots.

She frequently posts her adorable BTS moment to her fans online from the set.

Amy Hallam Abuse: Is Khalil Bangi Arrested?

The model, Amy, had to face serious abuse from a misogynist Khalil Bangi by banging the pint glass on her face. She took 20 stitches from the incident caused at a busy bar in Manchester.

Initially, Bangi aggressively blocked Miss Hallam's path to stop her from walking past him. However, the brawl was heated, with abusive words flying from the accusor's mouth.

The model slapped him for his intolerable behavior. But Bangi slapped Amy back with such force she nearly fell to the ground. She had to be admitted to the hospital for excessive blood loss.

The accusor, Khalil, has been arrested and has been sentenced to 18 months of prison with some fine. Hopefully, he learns a lesson after his exit from jail.

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