Who Is Louis Kimble From Las Vegas California? Murder Case On "Fatal Attraction"

Louis Kimble was a young man murdered in his own home. The case of his murder is being shown at Fatal Attraction.

Louis Kimble’s murder case is ready to be explored on television.

The young man’s gruesome murder was not given enough space despite the haunting story he has had while he was alive.

Now, TV One has revealed the story behind the murder of Kimble in their latest episode of Fatal Attraction.

The episode is titled ‘Death in the Desert’.

Fatal Attraction: Who Is Louis Kimble?

Louis Kimble was a young man murdered in his own home. His case has been shown on a crime show Fatal Attraction.

The episode ‘Death in the Desert’ premiered on 28 March on TV One.

Kimble was a troubled city man who decides to find a home in a peaceful desert town. Over time, he finds himself love in the new city.

But he was gunned down in his own home leaving behind the suspects of the case unknown.

After the investigation, police finds the perpetrator of the case that happened in February 2006.

Tune in to TV One show ‘Fatal Attraction’ to find the details of the case.

Louis Kimble Murder In California

Louis Kimble was murdered in California in 2006.

His murder was a result of a triangular love story involving Kimble, his then-girlfriend Cynice Bailey, and former girlfriend Nicole Sullivan.

The night Kimble had passed away, Bailey and Sullivan had been involved in a fight at the club. Later, Bailey was revealed to be arguing with her boyfriend Kimble after her fight with Nicole.

Upon investigation, both Bailey and Sullivan had shifted the blame against each other.

Meanwhile, at the crime scene, 2 different shell casings were located which helped police to make an assumption of 2 shooters were involved.

Louis Kimble Obituary Details

Louis Kimble’s obituary is not published.

Meanwhile, another man with the same name had passed away in California on February 19, 2022. He was 86-years-old.

He had served as a radar operator in the US Army. Furthermore, he was survived by his children Sheryl Forrester, Bob Kimble, and Donna Compos. Louis Kimble had 7 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.

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