Who Is Jerry Daniel Braun? January 6 Capitol Rioter Bragged To Uber Driver And Got Arrested

According to newly revealed court documents, Jerry Daniel Braun was arrested on Capitol riot charges earlier this month after the Uber driver who took him away from the January 6 attack tipped off the FBI.

A Donald Trump supporter jumped into the rear of an Uber in downtown Washington, D.C., approximately a mile northwest of the U.S. Capitol, on the evening of January 6, 2021, shortly after 7 p.m.

Entering and remaining in a restricted building, forceful entry or disorderly conduct, and obstruction during civil unrest are allegations against Jerry Daniel Braun for his role in the insurgency.

Who Is Jerry Daniel Braun?

According to the driver, the passenger, who was only named "Jerry" at the time, had a white beard and an apparent injury near his right eye. Braun was picked up approximately a mile from the U.S. Capitol grounds and put off at a motel in Arlington, Virginia, according to the driver.

He was said to have injured his eye after the incident when he tripped, collapsed, and "busted" his head while walking across D.C. with a pizza in hand after summoning his Uber vehicle.

Investigators also collected Braun's cellphone records, revealing that he sent messages after the incident mentioning "hand to hand battle" and occupying the Capitol.

According to court filings, FBI officials raided Braun's residence in South El Monte, California, in November 2021, and Braun confessed to being present during the incident.

Jerry Daniel Braun Age Revealed

Jerry appears to be in his fifties based on the photographs. His exact age, however, has not been given to the public.

The image from police dashcams and several photographs taken after the January 6 Capitol Riot revealed a man with an 8-foot long piece of 2x6 lumber.

Braun can be seen using the plank to physically strike someone wearing a "PRESS" helmet in one case.

He was dubbed #TwoByTwelveBeard on Twitter following these photos, and the hashtag went global.

Jerry Daniel Braun Arrested

Braun was detained in West Covina on April 12. According to prosecution records unsealed this week, an Uber driver who drove Braun hours after the incident reported him to the Justice Department when the rider discussed his role in the attack.

According to the dashboard video from the ride, Braun, who was bleeding near his right eye, told the Uber driver that he tore down barricades at the Capitol.

After his daughter posted a $20,000 bond on his behalf, he was released. According to court records, he appeared in a Washington, D.C. courthouse via video conference on Tuesday, facing felony counts of obstruction, accessing a restricted building, and disorderly conduct.

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