Who Is Hortencia Alcantara & Was She Kevin Samuels's Nurse? Meet The Woman To Identify Him In Hospital

Hortencia Alcantara identified Kevin Samuels after he collapsed, she called the emergency response and identified the YouTuber to the authorities. She is not his nurse. 

Kevin Samuels was a YouTube content creator and well-known on the platform with over 1.4 million subscribers. He was considered a controversial personality due to his relationship advice and misogynistic comments towards black women according to News One

On Thursday afternoon, unconfirmed stories of Samuels' death went viral. Samuels' close friends and reputable sources were quoted by many news publications, although doubts regarding the death claim remained until the early morning hours of Friday.

Let us learn more about Hortencia Alcantara and take a closer look at Kevin Samuels's death. 

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Who Is Hortencia Alcantara? Woman To Identify Kevin Samuels In Hospital

A woman named Hortencia Alcantara identified Kevin Samuels after he collapsed and called the emergency response team. 

Kevin and Hortencia had spent the night together when Kevin started complaining about chest pain before he collapsed onto her according to News One

Hortencia and Kevin could have been in a relationship or had met the day before, nonetheless, they were together the earlier night before he collapsed and died later at the hospital. 

The two were at an apartment in Atlanta when the incident occurred and Alcantara placed the 911 call to notify the authorities about Kevin's situation. 

Much information on Alcantara's personal life has not come to the surface yet, she was not linked to Kevin previously and it is a possibility that the couple had just met and hit off. 

Was Hortencia Alcantara Kevin Samuels's Nurse?

Hortencia Alcantara is a nurse but she was not Kevin Samuels's nurse. 

Instead, she could be his partner at the moment but there is no confirmation about the two being in a relationship available on the internet. 

However, the two had spent the night together at an apartment in Atlanta and Alcantara was the woman who identified and notified the authorities. 

She has not made any public comments regarding the death and incident yet. She has also not revealed anything about her personal life on the internet. 

Authorities might be questioning her about the circumstances of Kevin's chest pain and him collapsing onto her at the moment but they have not revealed much to the general public. 

What Is Kevin Samuels Cause Of Death?

Kevin Samuels's actual cause of death has not come to the surface yet. 

However, he had complained about chest pain before collapsing and later dying according to NBC News

Similarly, The Sun reported Kevin could have died of cardiac arrest but the confirmation has not come to the surface yet. 

Although the YouTuber's death news flooded the internet on Thursday, May 5, 2022, the news was confirmed on Friday, May 5, 2022, by the deceased's mother. She said she learned the news of her son's death through social media. 

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