Who Is Ghazal Tavoosi? Meet The Instagram Model Who Dissed Lebron James In A Post

Ghazal Tavoosi, an Instagram model.
Ghazal Tavoosi, an Instagram model.( Source : instagram )

Ghazi Tavoosi has found herself amidst social media scandal after she made a remark about Lebron James on her Instagram.

Ghazi is an Instagram model who recently found herself amidst social media scandal after she made a remark about Lebron James on her Instagram account.

However, Ghazi's remark was not perceived well by the Lebron fans, and they quickly responded to Ghazi's remark on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Who Is Ghazal Tavoosi? Instagram Model Explored

Ghazi is an Instagram model who has about 101k followers on her Instagram account. She follows back about 140 people on her Instagram account.

The Instagram model is also an owner and designer of Kolicollection, which she had linked on her Instagram account. She also has a link to her closet for her followers on her Instagram bio.


The Instagram model often posts pictures of her modelling on her account and promotes the different brands in her pictures.

She has recently started promoting her brand and clothing collection on her Instagram account. She is posed at luxurious places like restaurants, yachts, and many more.

She has a very aesthetic Instagram page where she uploads pictures of herself regularly. She has a stunning figure and a beautiful face.

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What Did Ghazal Tavoosi Say To Lebron James? Explore The Incident

Ghazal recently shared a screenshot of her viewers in her story. Even though the motives of her flexing the viewers are still unclear, the screenshot referred to Lebron James viewing her story.

Then she captioned the screenshot by saying, "every day, a new rapper/athlete creeping". She also said, "Gm to you all, but it is still a no from me".

While many fans were confused about why Ghazal had to share this screenshot in her story, considering Lebron never made any advances to her and he only opened her story, others were furious at her petty remark.

Many people then took up her social media account and started bombarding her posts with snarky comments and started making fun of the model for the screenshot she posted on her Instagram account.

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Has Lebron James Made A Comment On The Situation?

Lebron has not commented on the situation. He might also never comment on the situation because he is a renowned athlete who is always mixed in some controversies that are not worth addressing.

James will continue to live his luxury life carefreely. Lebron rarely gets involved in social media dramas and scandals, so it is doubtful he will ever acknowledge Hazal's remark about him.

However, Lebron's fans have been speaking on his behalf, and they are not happy about the picture Ghazal posted to her story and have been making fun of Ghazal for her "weird flex".

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