Who Is Flor De Rap? Rapper Wikipedia Biography

Flor De Rap is a globally known rapper whose beats and music have been trending on a social platform such as TikTok. Let us explore some details about the inspiring artist from the hip-hop industry.

Flor De Rap is a Chilean rapper who has been hitting the headlines for his intimating music and beat selection. She started his music career in 2014 by uploading on different platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok.

Who Is Flor De Rap? A Look At The Biografia Of The Rapper 

Flor De Rap is a Chilean rapper making his name big on the rapping and hip-hop artist. The passionate music artist moved from Tocopilla to Antofagasta, where he took his first artistic steps.

Since the age of 8, Flor De Rap started her interest in the hip-hop industry. It was just a matter of time before she made her first composed song. Her first song was titled "Mi Historia' which the viewers well appreciated.

In 2015, she independently released "Atalaya," her first studio album. After her first album, she got huge recognization which started a legacy of a new prominent hip-hop artist.

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Read Flor De Rap Wikipedia: Career Explored 

Presently, Flor De Rap's name has not been listed on the official page of Wikipedia.

Flor De Rap was keen on rap since her childhood. She used to get highlighted on her friend's circle for her ability to bring energy to the crowd with her lyrics and vocals.

In 2018, she released "Inmarchitable," an album of poignant lyrics. With "Inmarchitable," Flor de Rap got important nominations for the Pulsar Awards.

In 2020 he released his third album entitled "Gold," a record conceived in November 2019 in the middle of the Chilean social scene. Presently, she is working on her fourth album, "Mariposa," under the record company La Oreja.

Flor De Rap Edad (Age): How Old Is The Rapper?

As of 2022, Flor De Rap is 32 years of edad (age). 

She celebrates her birthday on the 29th of August with her close friends and family. She was born in the year 1989 in Santiago. In her early 30s, Flor De Rap has redeemed success in her professional career.

Flor De Rap was heavily influenced by hip-hop art at the age of 8 and composed her first-ever song at the age of 13. According to astrology, Flor De Rap's zodiac sign is Virgo.

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Meet Flor De Rap On Instagram: Social Media Personality 

The female rapping sensation Flor De Rap has created a fuss about her on social media with her beats and song. One can explore her artistic personality on Instagram with the username @florderap.

The verified user has shown a sneak peek at her interesting life with 91 posts. She has a fan-following of 340K followers while she only follows about 641 people on the platform.

Flor De Rap loves to share some insights on her lavish and outgoing lifestyle. Apart from that, she uses her social media engagement to promote her music on the global platform.

Flor De Rap Partner: Is She Married?

Flor De Rap is not married at the moment, and her love life is one of the biggest question marks on the internet.

She is not rumored to be in a relationship with anyone, and her social media does not hint at any kind of dating life. She is friendly with everybody and has a lot of guy friends.

People often get confused and spread rumors about her dating on social media. She is not intimated with relationships and is focused on her beautiful career.

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