Who Is Ernesto Cruz Graveran From Hialeah? 54-Year-Old Arrested For Health Care Fraud

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Ernesto Cruz Graveran was arrested on the 14th of June 2022 while he was fleeing away from the USA. He was accused of medical insurance fraud worth $4.2 Million.

The 52-year-old from Hialeah was on the run with the help of a jet ski. He was captured by the US coast guard and an illegal Cuban migrant while fleeing to Cuba after his jet ski broke down.

Pictures: Who Is Ernesto Cruz Graveran, 54?

Ernesto has been making headlines recently as the police caught him while he was on the run to Cuba from the USA on a jet ski. He is the owner of a company named Xiko Enterprises Inc which primarily deals with medical equipment supply to health institutes.

A complaint against him was registered in Florida as he illegally cashed in $2.1 Million from a Medicare in Florida. He is now arrested and kept in jail until the next trial.

After capturing the criminal, officials released a statement describing the events of the criminal activity. However, the police have not said anything about the convict's family. The only detail available about him is the name of his company Xiko Enterprises.

Police are yet to release the photographs of the event. The identity of the other immigrant is also kept secret now.

Ernesto Cruz Graveran Arrested: Details About The Fraud

From February to April this year, Cruz Graveran's company, Xiko Enterprises Inc., submitted $4.2 million in false health care claims to Medicare for medical equipment that Xiko never provided and that Medicare never ordered.

According to the Daily Mail, Xiko received over $2.1 million from Medicare. Investigators learned that Cruz Graveran was considering a trip to Havana last month, and he was stopped several days before his flight. He was asked not to leave the city without the permission of the feds. 

During an interview, Cruz Graveran agreed to comply with a criminal investigation, and officials stated they confiscated his passport. Last Wednesday, however, the US Coast Guard and US Customs and Border Protection officers reported spotting Cruz Graveran on a broken-down Jet Ski south of Key West, heading towards Cuba.

The Florida Keys is around 90 miles north of Cuba. Cruz Graveran was on a jet ski with a migrant smuggler. The Jet Ski was equipped with a unique fuel system for long travels and extra food and water bottles.

Where Is Ernesto Cruz Graveran Now?

He was arrested on the 14th of June 2022, along with another immigrant, by the US coast guards 90 miles away from his destination. He is kept at the Federal Detention Center until he faces his trial. 

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