Edward Finlay Wikipedia Bio & Age - How Old Is The Actor?

Edward Finlay as Bobby in Hellblazers ( Source : Instagram )

Edward Finlay is an American actor who is starring in the new horror movie 11th Hour Cleaning, directed by Ty Leisher, alongside talented actors Anita Leeman Torres, Chloe Brooks, and Ed Morrone, releasing July 5.

The movie revolves around a group of cleaners who are trapped inside a crime scene by an ancient Nordic demon as they slowly turn insane in the murder house.

After anticipating the promising horror, fans are curious to know about the handsome actor. So let us know more about the actor's Wikipedia bio, age, and wife, and meet the actor on his Instagram.

Who Is Edward Finlay? Wikipedia Bio

Edward Finlay does not have a Wikipedia bio yet, but his IMDb bio has a lot of information on the actor. His biography states that he was born in Miami with his three siblings.

Finlay found his love for acting when he auditioned and won the role of Bud Stamper in the theater program in school. He was determined to be a part of the acting industry at that point in his life.

Edward was a fashion model who did campaigns for Versace, Abercrombie & Fitch, Vogue, Panama Jack, and many more.

Edward Finlay as Agent Dunn in Bad Boys II
Edward Finlay as Agent Dunn in Bad Boys II ( Source : Imdb )

With the help of his then agency, he starred in Miami Sands, a TV show mainly aired in Europe in 1998, which was a great start for the actor. He made connections and even started performing at a local theater company during this time.

Slowly, he found his way into Hollywood, starring in 2 Fast 2 Furious, which was a huge achievement for the new actor.

Over the years, he has made small appearances in many TV series and movies, with some of the big ones being Bad Boys II, Ocean Ave., Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Modern Family.

2022 has been a great year for the model turned actor, with five movie releases in the same year. 11th Hour Cleaning is set to release soon, while two other projects are also scheduled for release.

Edward Finlay's Age Revealed

Edward Finlay has not revealed his age yet, but he looks like he is around 36 years old. The actor was born to Cuban parents who fled Cuba in the late 1950s as political refugees.

He also has roots in Spanish and Scottish origins and grew up watching a lot of action and fiction movies. Finlay loved watching Indiana Jones, Superman, and Star Trek as a kid.

The movies inspired his imagination and led him to want to be an actor.

Edward Finlay with his father and his three siblings in his childhood
Edward Finlay with his father and his three siblings in his childhood ( Source : Instagram )

Young Finlay attended Christopher Columbia High School and always played sports without getting involved in theater until the sister school had an audition opening for theater.

After getting the role, he loved the process of performing and storytelling and decided to get into the art of acting as well.

Now in his 30s, he has appeared in over 45 shows and movies with five projects just this year.

Who is Edward Finlay's Wife?

Edward Finlay is married to his lovely wife, Amy Bronzonie, who is an interior designer. The two got married on October 7, 2013, and the loving husband celebrated their eight years anniversary last year, writing,

"❤️ eight years today, I began the best chapter of my life by 💍marrying my angel👰🏻, the love of my life, and my best friend!"

Eddie lives with his loving wife and his best friend in Los Angeles. The couple got a cute little Boston Terrier pup named Duncan after their previous pup Preston sadly passed away last year.

Meet Edward Finlay On Instagram

Edward Finlay loves to share the moments of his life with his fans on Instagram, where he has 1940 followers.

You can find him on Instagram as @eddiefinlay and find some behind-the-scenes of his projects along with tons of cute pictures of the actor with his beloved wife and their new dog.


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