Who Is Drew Jenkins? Meet Tiffany Jenkins Husband From "Juggling The Jenkins"

Rumors of Tiffany Jenkins and Drew Jenkins's divorce made reached the social media
Rumors of Tiffany Jenkins and Drew Jenkins's divorce made reached the social media( Source : eastidahonews )

Tiffany Jenkins's and her husband Drew Jenkins have three children together and the two are not getting a divorce.

Tiffany Jenkins is a well-known, revered, and all cherished social media influencer, author, motivational speaker, and comedian.

She is best known for her personally managed writing blog named "Juggling The Jenkins."

Her website or blog consists of all the lists and availability details of her merch, her books and their respective snippets, the brief list of the partnership deals the blog has and will be featured on, and many more.

The talented and successful mother of three stated that she had to work hard and find herself to reach the present summit.

She had a broken marriage earlier. They had an extreme opioid addiction. She even tried to take her own life by hanging in a prison cell while suffering from extreme opioid withdrawal symptoms.

After traversing her part with the law and finding her true self in that horrific chaos, she started working on herself, fought the drug addiction, and reshaped her true garnished identity.

Who Is Tiffany Jenkins Husband Drew Jenkins?

Tiffany Jenkins has been happily married to her husband, Drew Jenkins. The couple has refuted the rumors of their divorce.

Tiffany was involved in a previous relationship which wasn't very healthy for her addiction. She admitted to being addicted to opioids in 2012. She even stole her boyfriend's gun and money to pay for drugs. For this, she was even sent to jail.

Later, she started dating a sheriff and even moved in with him. She tried to make a good living with him by trying to control her drug issues but to no success.

Who is Drew Jenkins?

Drew Jenkins is comedian Tiffany Jenkins's husband who has been a constant support and light for the juggling personality. 

The two met when Tiffany was out from rehab and trying to find new jobs. As soon as the two met, sparks flew as they immediately started spending time with one another. Even though the information regarding how they actually met is sparse, many have suspected a blind date set up but their friends.

While there is still extant information that Tiffany met Drew in a rehab where Drew was also admitted and was fighting a similar drug addiction just like Tiffany.



Tiffany has stated that, after completing her time in a rehab, just after completing 120 days behind bars, she moved to a halfway house and tried finding new jobs.

They married in 2014 and have been inseparable ever since.

Is Tiffany Jenkins Getting A Divorce From Husband Drew Jenkins?

No, Drew Jenkins and Tiffany Jenkins are not getting a divorce as of this writing. The two seem very much in love as they spend time with one another and celebrate anniversaries. 

The couple has three children together; two daughters and a son. She shares pictures of the family on her Instagram.

Tiffany Jenkins with her husband Drew Jenkins and three children
Tiffany Jenkins with her husband Drew Jenkins and three children( Source : instagram )

One of the most beautiful pictures Tiffany shared is the one with her family wearing a flannel shirt. The picture was a tribute to her father, who had passed away recently. He was very fond of flannel shirts.

The pair have lived many years sharing the same roof and loving every darker shade in their separate lives, an impending divorce seems like a falsified report.

Are Drew Jenkins AndTiffany Jenkins Still Married?

Drew Jenkins and Tiffany Jenkins are still married and living happily.

They tied the marriage knot back in 2014, and they have raised a mini-family of three kids.

Drew and Tiffany have an 11 years old daughter from Drew's previous marriage while the couple gave birth to their two children post their marriage.

Their two naive souls are 5 and 7 years old at present days.

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