Meet Laura Betker Husband Bryan Piatt- Is The Journalist Pregnant Again?

Laura Betker is a meteorologist at KABE 11, an NBC affiliate station in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is an American communicator, environmentalist, and journalist.

She was previously the morning meteorologist at WLIO in Lima, Ohio.

She has also worked in radio and with the American Heart Association in the past.

Who Is Bryan Piatt? -Laura Betker Husband

Laura Betker is Bryan Piatt's wife. Bryan Piatt is an advocate for mental health.

He hosts the podcast "Take What Serves, Leave the Rest." He is in the process of becoming a therapist.

Bryan and Laura are the parents of three gorgeous girls. Laura revealed the name of one of her kids, Bianca, in a social media post.

The couple stays in Minneapolis.

Laura Betker traveled to numerous European nations abroad, including France, Norway, Russia, Iceland, Ireland, and Spain. She received her B.S. in atmospheric and oceanic science in 2006 and immediately began her first job.

Betker's first meteorological job began in June 2006 at Weather Eye Radio Network, where she reported live on the radio every day. She left that employment over two years later, in March 2008, and would not work as a meteorologist for another two years.

Is Laura Betker Pregnant Again?

No! Laura Betker is not planning on having another kid. She gave birth to her third kid in November 2021.

Laura confirmed it with an Instagram post in May. @laurabetker11 is her Instagram handle.

Her most recent social media post showcases her third child, with a comment complimenting her beautiful family of five.

According to the post, her maternity leave was coming to an end, and she was eager to return to work at KABE 11.

Laura Betker Biography

Laura Betker was born and raised in Corcoran, Minnesota, on the western outskirts of the Minneapolis suburbs. Laura Betker attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and majored in oceanography and atmospheric science.

Laura enrolled in 2002 and then moved overseas in Semester at Sea, a program that allows students to finish their studies while living on a boat.

Betker returned to meteorology after moving to Lima, Ohio, in 2010 and working for WLIO-TV as both a reporter and a meteorologist. She worked there until  2012, when she transferred to her present position at KARE 11.

Laura worked a few odd jobs while traveling on her two-year weather vacation. In March 2008, she was appointed director of the Star of the North Chinese Shar-Pei Club. An AKC-licensed organization was formed with the goal of uniting Shar-Pei owners, disseminating breed knowledge, and saving Shar-Peis.

Simultaneously, she worked as an executive assistant at the American Heart Association, where she performed administrative responsibilities, arranged schedules, and did a variety of other things. In 2010, she quit these posts to work for WLIO-TV.

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