Who Is Bobby Price From Living Arts Tulsa? Racism Controversy, What Did Robert Price Board Member Do?

Bobby Price From Oklahoma
Bobby Price From Oklahoma ( Source : facebook )

Bobby Price is one of the board members from Living Arts Tulsa. However, the organization has said they are no longer affiliated with him. 

He is trending on social media after a video of him saying some racial slurs surfaced online. He was being mean and disrespectful towards some Mexican workers. 

Who Is Bobby Price From Living Arts Tulsa?

Bobby Price is a board volunteer board member from Living Arts Tulsa. It is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and develop contemporary art in Tulsa.

They contend that social change is sparked by critically engaged art, which is crucial for a diversified arts ecology. Living Arts provides a space and a community where thought-provoking arts can flourish. 

Thus, one of the organization's members, Price, has been trending online ever since a video of him emerged on the internet. He allegedly acted rude and racist towards some Mexican workers. 

It is said that they were lawn workers, and he allegedly freaked out at them for keeping their cooler on his lawn. The first video saw him throwing the bottles out of the cooler. 

In a second video, he again came to them, who were picking up their bottles and putting them in a cooler. He held the cooler and kept it in the road, warning them to put it off from the grass.

After that, he walks away while saying some racial slurs to them. He even asked them if they had green cards and warned them that he would call INS. 

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Bobby Price Racism Controversy

Bobby Price is caught in a racism controversy. He reportedly used some racial slurs toward some lawn care workers. 

While some people argue that everyone needs to respect the other person. They said people invest a lot of money to maintain and take care of their lawns. 

They do not even walk themselves in the grass so that it will not be destroyed. But, if any random people came and put things on their lawn, they would get upset over it. 

Living Arts Tulsa's Statement After The Controversy
Living Arts Tulsa's Statement After The Controversy( Source : facebook )

Likewise, some netizens argue that it does not give them any right to become racist towards anyone or disrespect them. Nonetheless, the two videos have caused various speculations and opinions towards Price and the workers too.

However, people think there could be more to the story, and the video could be missing some parts of the incident. 

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What Did Living Arts Tulsa Board Member Robert Aka Bobby Price Do?

Living Arts Tulsa released a statement after one of its board members, Robert, aka Bobby Price, was caught in a controversy. As a result, they said they had stopped affiliating with him. 

They added that they could not erase his past with the organization. But from now onwards, they will not work with him. They added that they did not condone any kind of hate, and his actions do not represent their values or beliefs. 

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