Who Is Aram Kian? Everything About The Actor Known For Comedians

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Comedians actor Aram Kian does not own a published Wikipedia bio. However, here is some information on what we know about his age, nationality, and wife.

Aram Kian is a well-known actor who is popular for his acting and dialogue delivery skills. He rose to fame after his appearance as Patel in Comedians.

Kian has been active in the entertainment sector for over a decade. However, he has not earned as much fame and recognition as he deserves for his works.

Hopefully, Aram will land on some extraordinary project as the main lead. His performances are stunning but he is yet to receive a major breakthrough.

Who Is Aram Kian? Wikipedia Exposed

Aram Kian is an actor who has not been featured on Wikipedia but his name is listed on the IMDb.

He kicked his career as a theatre actor in 1999. He portrayed several fictitious roles at the Teatro Stabile de Genova, Teatro Due parma, and Teatro Regionale Alessandrino e Teatro Stabile Torino.

Aram began his onscreen journey with the 2008 documentary, All Human Rights For All. Following that, he reappeared on TV from Missione di pace and Segreti.

In 2013, Kian landed a role of a young prisoner in Deadly Code. Then, he disappeared from the media for straight 5 years and did his comeback in 2018 via The Miracle.

Next, Aram became a cast of The Ruthless, Abbi Fede, and Comedians. Although he has not gained huge stardom, he is definitely popular for his works.

Aram Kian Age- What Is The Nationality Of Actor?

Aram Kian seems to be in the age between 35 to 45 years old.

He has not unearthed his actual birthday details and zodiac sign. But he was born and bred in Italy and he is fluent in Italian, English, and French.

Talking about nationality, Kian is obviously Italian. Besides, he has an ethnicity of Arabic and Mediterranean descent.

Kian is a handsome man with a charming personality. As per E-Talenta, he stands at a decent height of 5 feet 4 inches, has a delicate body build plus amber-colored eyes.

Aram Kian Wife- Is He Married?

Although Aram Kian appears as a family guy with a loving wife, we are not sure about his private life.

He keeps a low-key profile when it comes to his love life. He is not rumored to be dating any women in the past.

Since we are not sure about Kiam's relationship status, he is supposedly single. We will soon update you guys about his lovers and girlfriends.

Find Aram Kian On Instagram

Aram Kian is not present on any social site including Instagram and Twitter.

He keeps himself away from the media as well as virtual platforms. He seems to be shy and introverted as he does not make many media appearances as well.

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