Who Is April Curley? Google Sued By Employee Who Got Fired Amid Racial Discrimination

April Curley, a former Google employee, who was fired, has filed a lawsuit against the company for systematic discrimination. People globally are defaming modern-day racism.

Social media has erupted with the "stop the racism" trend against Google. The victim of the incident, April Curly, has filed a lawsuit complaint against Google in District Court. 

She has taken the protest to new heights by joining hands on TikTok. In January, April posted a TikTok on "Top three reasons black women leave Google at higher rates."

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Who Is April Curley From Google? A Closer Look On Why Was She Fired?

April Curly is a determined worker passionate about working for Google until 2020. She joined the company in August of 2014 as a tech student development council member.

On top of that, April was handed the task of diversification on Google. She was expertise in recruiting members from different diverse and ethnic backgrounds.

April is presently working on "The Last Mile Foundation" as an engagement manager. However, her long six years of dedication were in vain after Google decided to fire her in September 2020.

The 34-year-old April filed a lawsuit on Friday against "Google" about systematic racism. However, Google has yet to come up with an official answer on why April was fired.

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April Curley Racist Allegations: Social Media Reaction Explored 

The former Google employee, April, has called out the company as racist. Over six years, April has seen systematic racism in different aspects of Google.

She even posted a TikTok video on how google gave her mental illness while she was expecting prosperity and growth. The global audience has been criticizing google for its action on social media.

April is getting a lot of support from the digital world. Many mainstream news channels and media houses are contacting Google for an answer while they are silent.

April Curley Lawsuit Explained: Defense Statement From Google

April has filed a lawsuit against Google for systematic racism. She was hired in 2014 to design an outreach program to historically black colleges.

April said Google fired her in September 2020 after she and her colleagues began working on a list of desired reforms. She is trying to recoup compensatory for black employees.

The case has been filed in the District Court in California. Thousands of viewers anticipate the result of the trial while the team of Google has been silent moving forward.

April's attorney, Crump, is a civil rights lawyer famously known for representing George Floyd. Everybody is hoping to find justice at the end of the trial.

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