Australian Reporter Anna Henderson For SBS Lives With Her Husband and Two Children

Australian Journalist Anna Henderson Lives With Her Husband Daniel Stephenson
Australian Journalist Anna Henderson Lives With Her Husband Daniel Stephenson( Source : facebook )

Australian news reporter for Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), Anna Henderson, lives with her partner Daniel Stephenson and two kids.

The couple has shared numerous family pictures with children on their social media accounts, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Who Is Anna Henderson From SBS?

Anna Henderson is an Australian news reporter born and raised in Australia. She loved speaking in front of people and writing content on topics that had interested her since she was young.

Having had a passion for journalism since childhood, Anna decided to pursue her professional career as a journalist. After completing her senior year in high school, Henderson joined the University to get her graduation in journalism.

Anna Henderson At The White House Press Briefing Room. In Attendance For SBS News
Anna Henderson At The White House Press Briefing Room. In Attendance For SBS News( Source : facebook )

The Chief Political Correspondent at Special Broadcasting Services, Anna graduated with honors from the University of Sydney. She studied Communication and Media Studies in the class of 2001-2005.

After completing her Communication and Media Studies degree, Anna joined the University of Stirling to study Media. She joined the University in 2004 and learned about media and public relations.

Anna Henderson Is Chief Political Correspondent At SBS

According to her LinkedIn profile, Anna Henderson is from Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. She seems to be in her late 30s and lives in Australia with her husband, Dan, and two babies.

She is Chief Political Correspondant and Bureau Chief at Special Broadcasting Services Australia. She covers news reports concerning federal politics and national affairs.

Before joining SBS in 2021, the Australian news reporter, Anna, used to work at Australian Broadcasting Corporation. There she worked for 13 years and two months.
After graduating from the University of Sydney, she interned as a reporter at a local journalism organization. Anna later joined The Northern Daily Leader in February 2006 to work as a reporter. She covered politics, crimes primarily, and court news while stationed at Tamworth, New Soth Wales.

In 2008, Anna started her career at ABC as a political reporter, covering recent parliamentary news. After working as a political reporter for almost 14 years, she was promoted as National Regional Affairs and later to Online Politics Reporter/blogger.

Who Is Anna Henderson Husband?

According to the internet, Anna Henderson shares her life with her apparent husband, Daniel Stephenson. However, there is no information regarding when the pair shared a wedding ceremony.

According to Daniels's Twitter account, he is native to RIP Darwin, Canberra and works as a videographer for Lunchbox Media.

Looking at the pictures of their two adorable kids, we can assume that Anna and Daniel were married about a decade ago. Her husband, Daniel, is a video creator and works as an accountant for Lunchbox Media.

Daniel and Anna enjoy working together, as the couple shares photos and videos of their work. In one specific short video on his Instagram, we can see Daniel capturing his wife, Anna holding skiing gears on a ski mountain.

Anna Henderson Family And Children

The couple has two kids, one daughter, who seems to be under ten years old. The younger child of Anna and Dan is a son who appears to be about six years younger than his older sister.

Anna Henderson And Daniel Stephenson's Adorable Two Kids
Anna Henderson And Daniel Stephenson's Adorable Two Kids( Source : instagram )

The pair enjoys time with the family of two children, exploring new places during vacations. Anna has shared several pictures of her family holiday adventures on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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