Who Is Anita Leeman Torres? Facts We Know About The Cast Of 11th Hour Cleaning

Anita Leeman Torres on her collaboration with Draper Studios
Anita Leeman Torres on her collaboration with Draper Studios( Source : instagram )

Anita Leeman Torres is an American actress starring in the new Horror movie 11th Hour Cleaning as the lead character of the movie named Rachel alongside Chloe Brooks, Ed Morrone, and Edward Finlay.

The movie tells the story of a group of crime scene cleaners trying to escape a murder house battling an ancient Nordic demon driving them insane.

Anita has had a busy year and busier years to come with her working on multiple projects. So let's learn more about the actress and her bio, age, ethnicity, and relationship status.

Who Is Anita Leeman Torres? Wikipedia Bio

According to Anita Leeman Torres's Wikipedia bio, she was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She later moved to Canada at a very young age and found her love for show business.

Her hobbies slowly became a passion, and she turned them into her career after high school when she took dance classes and theatre seriously.

She made her first TV appearance in 2007 but later joined SAG-AFTRA, the American Labour Union for entertainment providers, and started working on bigger, better projects.

Leeman has worked in over 40 shows, among which A Dangerous Defense, Speed Kills, and Big Time Rush were some of her more noticeable works.

Torres has recently finished working on a new horror movie set to release on 5th July, hugely anticipated by fans. She has also finished working on another project called Now, Now, Now, a supernatural thriller by Tom Cavanaugh.

Other than acting, she has also produced the TV series Off the Cuff and the short movie Just Messin Witcha.

Anita Leeman Torres Ethnicity Explored

Anita Leeman Torres revealed that she was born in Honduras, so she is Latin American, but she belongs to mixed ethnicity because of her parent's background.

The Latino actress explained that her mother is Honduran while her father is a Canadian of Ukrainian descent. As a Latino, Torres can speak fluent Spanish.

The Hispanic actress has also talked about the reverse racism she has faced in her career due to her fair skin. She explained that filmmakers who search for diversity in their work don't usually count her as diverse because of her fair skin.

Leeman wanted people to learn that not all Hispanics have dark skin, eyes, or hair and stop generalizing people.

How Old Is Anita Leeman Torres? Age Revealed

Although the actress has not revealed her age or birthdate, Anita Leeman Torres looks like she is 35 years of age. Her youthful appearance makes her perfect for any role provided to her.

The Latino actress has talked about her love for Madonna and Michael Jackson since a young age. The actress revealed that she moved to Canada from Honduras at the age of six.


She started dance classes inspired by Madonna and Michael Jackson at the age of eight since that was the only accessible outlet in her family.

Slowly her hobby turned into a passion, and she naturally started dancing and partaking in theater in school.

Torres got her first role in 2001 in The Hot Karl and slowly started her acting career in Small Talk in 2007.

Around the age of 21, she starred in Road to Hell and slowly started getting more prominent roles in Hollywood. She talked about how aging is pressured in today's age with competition, and being youthful is so important these days.

But Anita does not need to worry about aging since she still looks like she is in her twenties.

Anita Leeman Torres's Husband

There has been no news or rumors about Anita Leeman Torres having a husband, so it seems the actress is currently single.


Anita has been very secretive about her personal life and has not shared much information about her family or love life with her fans and the media.

However, based on her social media activity, she seems to be focusing on her career more than her love life. She has never been involved in any romantic scandals in her career.

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