Who Is Allan Au And Why Is He Arrested? Veteran Hong Kong Journalist Sedition Charges

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Allan Au has been arrested by the Hong Kong Police on a sedition charge. This arrest has been seen by the rest of the world as an attack on the free press.

Let's find out more detail about the press and his arrest cause.

It is not surprising to the people now that Hong Kong is going through a great struggle to protect its sovereignty from the influence of China. There have been many laws that have been applied to suppress the voice of pro-democratic beliefs.

Allan Au has been seen as one of the people who is an outlier to the suppression imposed by Beijing. Due to this reason, he has been seen as a threat and that might have ultimately resulted in his arrest. However, it is just a general belief among the populace.

Who Is Allan Au And Why Is He Arrested? Drugs

Allan Au is a veteran journalist, who was active in all kinds of media including TV, radio, and newspaper. He is known for his show as a senior producer at TVB News and a radio host on RTHK.

He was also an active columnist for outlets including Ming Pao and the now-shuttered Stand News. He also teaches at the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s journalism school. Mostly he centered around media censorship and self-censorship.

It has been believed now that any media personality that has opinions inclining toward democracy is not safe. Allan is arrested under charges of sedition for writing and publishing articles that threaten the nation.

The rule that has been used to arrest journalists currently is from the colonial period. However, there are also rumors about drugs, but that is completely bizarre and unwarranted in this case as of now.

Allan Au's Wife And Net Worth

Allan has been reported to have been married to Hoi Tong-wa. Much information about the couple's relationship is not available to eh public; however, it can be expected that she will make an appearance following her husband's arrest.

Accurate information about Allan's net worth is unavailable; however, he is likely worth more than $100,000. He managed to garner his wealth from his successful career as a media person.

He is a highly educated man and did his study at Stanford University with a Knight Fellowship, one of the most prestigious in the world. Despite a great pushback from the western world Hong Kong seems to be moving in a more tyrannical direction.

People are worried about Allan and are discussing him on the Internet. This has been seen as an attack on the free press.


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