Who Is Aislinn Hubbard? Dad William Hubbard Flies Back To Ukraine To Save Aislinn And Her Son

Aislinn Hubbard leaped at the chance to enroll at a top dance school in another country and train to be a professional ballerina three years ago.

The Fitchburg native was admitted into Kyiv Choreographic College and moved to Ukraine's capital city to learn ballet at the age of 16.

Who Is Aislinn Hubbard?

Wikipedia hasn't featured Aislinn Hubbard on its official page.

Aislinn created a life for herself in Ukraine despite being incapacitated by a hip injury and the COVID-19 pandemic. She fell in love and gave birth to her son, Seraphim, eight months ago.

Hubbard used online lessons to teach English to Ukrainians. This summer, she planned to return to the activity she adored and teach youngsters ballet.

All of that changed on February 24, when Russian forces invaded Ukraine.

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Detail On Father Aislinn Hubbard William Hubbard Ukraine

Aislinn, now 19, and her kid are headed to Slovakia, along with Aislinn's father, William, who traveled from Fitchburg to join them — two of the approximately 2.2 million refugees fleeing Ukraine, according to the United Nations.

The 300-mile journey from Kyiv to the Slovakian border is expected to take two or three days — significantly longer than usual due to a midnight curfew, a desire to "make their way when there isn't much military action," and obstacles every 20 miles, according to Deborah Hubbard.

During a recent trip to Ukraine, William Hubbard of Fitchburg holds his grandson, Seraphim.

This is William Hubbard's second journey to Ukraine in the last six weeks. He was there for 12 days last month, leaving the day before Ukrainian airspace was shut down.

Deborah Hubbard added that returning to Ukraine to assist in the removal of his daughter and grandson required trips to Turkey and Poland and three different modes of transportation.

Meet Aislinn Hubbard On Instagram

Aislinn Hubbard seems to be not active on social media like Instagram and Twitter.

There is no Instagram and Twitter account under the name Aislinn Hubbard.

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Where Is Aislinn Hubbard Now?

For months, the Hubbards have been preparing for the likelihood that Aislinn will have to leave Ukraine. They double-checked that Aislinn's and Seraphim's travel documents were in order.

When Aislinn, her son, and her father arrive in Slovakia, William will fly back to the United States, while Aislinn and Seraphim will stay in Slovakia, hoping to return to Ukraine one day.

Deborah Hubbard stated, "She adored the city of Kyiv, and it's painful to watch what's happening."

Aislinn's parents are using GoFundMe to help her "rebuild her life," according to her mother.

According to the fundraising website, funds are needed for "evacuation, transportation, legal bills, living expenses, emergency accommodation, and replacement of home things," according to the fundraising website. Their lives and livelihoods have been severely affected by the war."

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