Who Did Gerard Pique Cheated On Shakira With? Fans Shocked By The Affair And Angry At Him

The rumors of Gerard Pique cheating on Shakira with a mysterious person have taken over the internet. No one expected that Gerard and Shakira's relationship might come to the end now.

Let's find out more about the alleged rumor of Shakira and Gerard's breakup.

There is no doubt that people irrespective of which country they belong are most likely to be familiar with the legendary singer Shakira, who has given several hits over the years. She has fans from all generations.

Her fans were excited to see their favorite artist in the relationship with Gerard. However, the recent rumors about him cheating on her have devasted them and completely shocked the entire fanbase. 

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Who Did Gerard Pique Cheat On Shakira With? Affair Partner 

As of now, the alleged person with whom Gerard cheated Shakira has not been revealed. There are no speculations from fans about who the person might be. Nonetheless, Gerard is getting massive hatred from Shakira's fans.

Although the rumors about cheating have not been verified with certainty from official sources, people have started to attack footballers. Many Twitter users are saying Gerard did a big mistake cheating on a woman like Shakira.


It looks like the hatred against Pique will not wane unless the rumor about him is fake. The couple has been together since 2011 and has two beautiful kids together. They are settled in Barcelona.

Gerard Pique & Shakira Breakup

The internet has been swayed by the rumors of Shakira and Gerard's breakup. As per rumors, the couple has been living separately for weeks now. The footballer has moved out to an apartment in Barcelona.

As of now, the couple has not commented anything about this and only allegations and rumors are available. However, if this news has any truth, they might release a statement soon addressing this issue.

Not only is Twitter talking about their breakup, people are also saying that the next match for Shakira would be Henry Cavill. This is another trending topic on Twitter; however, Henry is already in a serious relationship with another woman.

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Gerard Pique Net Worth 2022

Gerard's net worth is estimated to be $45 million, which he amassed from his successful career in football. He is in fact highest-paid football defender in the world. His salary is reported to be £165,000 per week.

His income as a salary added to his brand deals and bonuses makes him a huge fortune. He is also active on Instagram under the handle name 3gerardpique. He has over 19 million followers.

His posts are filled with hate comments from Shakira's fans.


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