Who Did Cait Martin Pick As Her Coach On The Voice?

The voice contestant promoting the show before its premier on her Instagram
The voice contestant promoting the show before its premier on her Instagram( Source : instagram )

Cait Martin picked Kelly Clarkson as her coach on The Voice Blind Auditions. The Voice is on its twenty-third season since its premiere in 2011.

The new season premiered on March 6, 2023, on NBC. The panel of coaches consists of the voice legends Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson.

Blake has declared it to be his final season on the show.

This season, the show welcomes platinum-selling singer-songwriter Niall Horan and Grammy-winning hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper.

The competition is fiercer than ever thanks to astonishing Blind Auditions, previously unseen twists, and electrifying live performances.

The best vocalists nationwide are followed by NBC's The Voice and invited to participate in the season's biggest singing competition.

The show is presented by the regular host Carson Daly. It is also his twenty-third season as a host.

Who Did Cait Martin Pick On The Voice?

Cait Martin picked Kelly Clarkson as her coach on The Voice. Kelly was the first one to turn around for Catit.

Team Kelly looks very strong with strong contenders like her and Rachel Christine, Holly Brand, and Sheer Element among others.

After her blind audition, she battled Allie Keck in the battle round. They sang the song It Must Have Been Love by Roxette.

The singer posting a photo of her after being selected in the singing competition
The singer posting a photo of her after being selected in the singing competition( Source : instagram )

She survived the battle round and was one of the seven contestants on Clarkson's team.

In the Knockouts episode, she sang All The Man That I Need by Whitney Huston and survived the knockouts with her strong vibrato in her voice.

Martin remained one of the five contestants in her coach team.

However, during the playoffs, she shook the room with the song Alone which was originally from the band Heart.

But unfortunately, she didn't reach the top 8 of the season 23rd of the show.

Cait Martin Sang Harry Styles For Her Blind Audition

Cait Martin sang Harry Styles's As It Was for her blind audition. The song was released by Harry on April 1 st, 2022 from his third studio album Harry's House. 

It was written by Styles alongside the song's producers Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson. However, she added her twist to the song and sang in a higher tone than the original song.

Kelly initially turned around just 10 seconds after she started singing and Niall Horan turned around right after. They were amazed by the performance.

After a while, all four chairs turned around, which proved how good she was during her blind auditions.

Backstage, her parents were super proud to see her succeed in the show. Her mother was screaming Kelly's name to tell her daughter to pick Kelly as her coach.

After hearing that Clarkson immediately screamed with excitement and told her to listen to her parents in a very funny way, she started praising her voice and how high she went in the song.

Clarkson also praised her hair color which matches her show merch. Blake pointed out it was his last season on the show and wanted to win the show with her.

Niall Horan and Chance the rapper also stated their pitch and made their point on why she should pick them.

Chance the Rapper went on to compare Martin to Whitney Houston, and Horan complimented the singer on her storytelling abilities. “You guys are not making it easy for me whatsoever,” Martin responded.

However, she chose Kelly after the drama ended between the coaches. Her audition is also available on Youtube to watch which is posted by The Voice's official channel.

Who Is Cait Martin On The Voice?

Catit Martin is a 32-year-old singer from Atlanta, Georgia as a contestant on The Voice.

She has been in a relationship with a chef named Cameron Willis since 2022. She has shared many pictures of each other on Instagram, showing how much they love each other.

Martin has been singing at live music festivals and performing at different restaurants and events for a very long time.

Once she shared a video on her Instagram of her singing at a live event which was a very powerful performance.

She has also been part of some Broadway dramas like Priscilla Queen of the Desert,  A Night with Janis Joplin, Lorraine: All Shook Up, and National Tour. 

She also has a voice teacher Noel Smith who taught her the basic of singing. Noel trains professionals for Broadway auditions and professional singers in the pop world to help them maintain the vocally demanding schedule.

Martin vocal teacher posting a picture of her to show she is proud of her achivements
Martin vocal teacher posting a picture of her to show she is proud of her achivements( Source : instagram )

Her students can be on The Voice, America's Got Talent and many Broadway Musicals. She is also available on Instagram with the user handle @noel_sings.

Catit's journey on the voice is the greatest career highlight. Her clean vocal and angelic high notes had all the coaches shocked because of her performance.

The NBC franchise has been airing for more than ten years with great success. This season continues the tradition of audience investment in the program and its format.

Even though the episode has only just started, viewers have already chosen their favorites because she has consistently been among the most popular participants.

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