Taliya And Gustavo Tiktok - Who Are They? Everything We Know About The Couple

TikTok couple Taliya and Gustavo
TikTok couple Taliya and Gustavo ( Source : instagram )

Taliya and Gustavo are a couple who share their content as a couple on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The TikTok duo recently went viral on the internet, especially on Twitter, after their exclusive adult content leaked.

The couple blew up on TikTok doing couple challenges and suggestive videos that usually revolve around their intimate life and relationship.

Let us learn more about the web stars who managed to get millions of followers on social media with their content, along with learning their real names and their other social media activity.

Who Are Taliya And Gustavo On Tiktok?

Taliya and Gustavo are two individuals dating each other who created a joint couple account on TikTok with related content for other couples to relate to.

Their joint account on TikTok, named @taliyaandgustavo, has over 2.1 million followers with 84.8 million likes. Their average views per video reach 2 million to 3 million easily.

According to their social media, the two have been together since August 21, 2018. Although you may expect cute, silly couple challenges on their account, their content is more adult-oriented.

The couple focuses on their explicit content on OnlyFans, which they do not leave a chance to promote on their other social media.

On TikTok, their content primarily focuses on relatable couple things and challenges like 'loving our dog instead of my girlfriend to see her reaction' or following other trends.

Their followers love the couple for being together for four years, which they are very proud to show off.

Age And Real Name Of The TikTok Duo

Taliya and Gustavo replied to a comment saying that they are both 18 years old and their real names are Taliya Jordan and Gustavo Valencia.

According to their website, they currently reside in California and have been dating since high school. Both of them graduated together and have been together for four years now.

Their fanbase is shocked that they are only 18 since they act like mature couples in their twenties and also because they have explicit content available for their adult audience.

Some users on the platform feel that the couple posts a lot of explicit content on their TikTok for 18-year-olds, while some genuinely love the chemistry between the two.

Apart from TikTok, the couple also has a Youtube account with 36.6k subscribers where they make videos getting reactions from each other after doing some pranks.

Their audience is slowly growing, but with the latest leak of their OnlyFans content, more adult viewers are coming to their channel and content.

Is The Couple Active On Twitter?

Many of Taliya and Gustavo's followers have asked the couple to create a Twitter, but it seems the couple still doesn't have a Twitter but is more active on their TikTok and Instagram.

Although they don't have a Twitter account, the two are blowing up on Twitter after someone leaked their explicit video on Twitter. With the leak, the couple went viral on their TikTok and Instagram.

On Instagram, they have a following of 31.5k with only 24 posts. Their Instagram page is more wholesome than their other content as it only consists of pictures of the couple being cute together.

They have their website with links to their other social media and platforms where they are available called taliyaandgustavo.com.

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