Meet Louie DeBrusk And Cindy DeBrusk- Details To Know About Jake DeBrusk Parents

Louie and Cindy are Jake Debrusk's parents, and they are forthcoming and successful individuals in their regard. Jake has been a prominent player in the NHL by making waves in the league since his early draft and scoring some highest points in the NHL.

Louie is the former NHL player and analyst on the panel of Hockey night Canada. Before this job, he also worked at the Pheonix Coyotes on the radio. 

Likewise, Louie has raised Jake to play hockey from a young age. He seems to usually watch a few tricks to have a successful career as a former hockey player. 

Who Are Jake Debrusk, Parents Louie And Cindy?

Louie Debrusk is a 51-year-old anchor and color analyst who is the father of Jake Debrusk and also a former NHL player who also had significant achievements throughout his career as an athlete. 

Moreover, Cindy Debrusk is the mother of Jake Debrusk, who was born on June 8, her age has not been disclosed, but she is likely in her late 40s to early 50s. 

In addition, Louie and Cindy are both successful and have significant pride and glory through their personal and professional endeavors. 

The couples also have married for a long time and share a perpetual bond with strong affection towards one another. 

 Ethnic Background Of Louie And Cindy

Louie and Cindy, both of them, are Canadians; likely, their forefathers were originally from Britain and Ireland, but their in-depth ethnic background has not been disclosed. 

Furthermore, Louie and Cindy both of them seem to believe in national sovereignty than their ethnic background. They both love their family and share an everlasting connection. 

Meet The Children Of Louie And Cindy

The children of Louie and Cindy are Jake Debrusk and Jordyn Debrusk, Jake is a 25-year-old hockey athlete, and Jordyn is 23 year old who has recently graduated from University. 

 Simultaneously, Jake has a proud and glamorous career in the NHL as he is considered one of the best in the game. He was selected by Boston Bruins in the first round, and till now, he has been playing for the same club with the recent extension on March 21, 2022, with an 8 million deal for two years. 

Likewise, Jordyn is also a proud daughter who seems to take care of her family. She is also developing her entrepreneurial skills, which shall bring significant growth in her endeavors. 

Louie And Cindy's Instagram Account 

Louie's Instagram account is filled with his family's photos, wife, friends, and children. He also seems to enjoy a number of vacations in his leisure. Therefore, his Instagram handle is @lou_dog2929.

Therefore, Cindy also seems to have her own Instagram account, but her account is private and is not open to people outside her knowledge. 

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