Who Is Tyler Butler Figueroa And Where Is The AGT Contestant Now?

Tyler Butler, a professional violinist.
Tyler Butler, a professional violinist.( Source : instagram )

Tyler Butler is a Violinist from NC who appeared in America's Got Talent and finished in the top 10.

Young violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa won Simon Cowell's prized Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent for his rendition of Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger."

Tyler, a native of North Carolina, suffered bullying from peers after being given a leukemia diagnosis at the age of four and a half. Tyler always said that he did not want to be a kid with cancer so he became a kid who is a violinist.

Where Is Tyler Butler Figueroa Now In 2022? His Age Explored

Tyler is now 14 years old. He is still pursuing his Violin career and has been performing in different events and different places from time to time.

Butler started playing violin when he was just 6 and a half years old. Having battled Leukemia he was really detached from everything including sports.

But Violin gained his interest and put his mind and soul into playing the instrument. Pop, Gospel, Country, Classical, Folk, Memorial, Patriotic, Soft Rock, Line Dance, Nigerian, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Bollywood, & Spanish are the musical genres Tyler performs.

He has also started posting videos of himself playing the violin on his Youtube account. He regularly posts his covers on his social media accounts including Instagram and Facebook.

The young Violinist today plays the violin as a freelancer and can be booked for different events. He is available for any type of event such as a wedding, birthday party, and many more. 

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Who Are Tyler Butler Parents?

Tyler has not revealed the identity of his parents in the media yet. However, his mother is present with him during his events and she was also supporting him during his audition.

However, he has never mentioned anything related to his father, so it is hard to tell if his father is in his life or not. He seems very close to his mother. 

She always accompanies him and has been there supporting his career from an early age. His mother has always encouraged him and helped him in pursuing his career.

Tyler's mother also worked very hard when he suffered from Leukemia and was doing anything in her power to fight her son's illness along with him.

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Tyler Butler Wikipedia And Bio Explored

Tyler does not have a Wikipedia to his name yet. However, throughout the years he has been covered by several news outlets and media sources.

Tyler had outgrown his school's basic violin lesson and needed a more experienced instructor or violinist to help him improve. By viewing YouTube tutorials, he started to teach himself more complicated methods.

To save money and support his family, Tyler made the decision to act on the street. While going through this procedure, Tyler was watching the 2018 season of "America's Got Talent" on television and was inspired by the violinist Brian King Joseph.

He saved enough money so that his mother and younger brother, Adam, could go to Charlotte, North Carolina, to apply for the show. He appeared in the audition and was given the go-ahead by the producers to go to Hollywood to appear before the famous judges. His career soon took off after that.

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