Where Is Grace West on The Voice From?

The Voice contestant Grace is from Michigan.
The Voice contestant Grace is from Michigan.( Source : instagram )

Grace West on The Voice is originally is from Canton, Michigan. The Voice contestant has had a big ambition for country music.

Grace was already popular in many parts of Michigan and Nashville but her participation on the national television The Voice on NBC has made her a household name.

Not only does she have a soothing voice that a country singer should have, but she is also a charismatic girl who carries a big dream for the future.

The contestant was well received by the judges starting with her blind auditions.

She took her first step into music when she picked up her grandfather's guitar.

Since then, she has never looked back and country music has always been her top priority.

Other than Shelton, coach Niall Horan had also pushed the buzzer, but finally, West made the decision to be the last pupil to be taken under by Blake Shelton in his final season.

Grace West Is A Country Singer

Grace West is a country singer from the state of Michigan. She moved to Nashville as a child after she realised her passion for country music.

Grace grew up with her parents Daryl and Jill Rembinski in Canton, Michigan. She has been singing from the second she could talk.

When she was eleven, she participated in the popular talent competition called Canton Idol which she eventually won.

When she was a teen, she began to play weekend gigs around Plymouth and Canton, sometimes up to three to four hours at a time.

The star had learned to sing from a young age.
The star had learned to sing from a young age. ( Source : instagram )

According to Hometown Life, she had won Canton Idol. Later, her performance which was recorded was sent to Nashville by a friend of the family to his friend.

Seeing her performance, she was called to Nashville and was invited to the part of the team at the age of 12. Later when she was 16 years old, she signed a deal with the record company.

After she graduated from Plymouth High School in 2021, she moved to Nashville. But her parents and her siblings also moved with her to the state of Tennessee to be there for her.

After arriving in Nashville, she started to work for Mucho Love Music where she wrote songs and lyrics for the publication. Other than that, she continued her routine of singing.

Even though she had been putting in long hours before the competition, she never stopped performing in Nashville entertainment venues and writing songs for publications.

Grace for her performance at Virgin Hotel in Nashville.
Grace for her performance at Virgin Hotel in Nashville. ( Source : instagram )

Due to her constant work in the field of music, there have been many loyal fans who have been created due to her performances.

It is because Nashville is known as the Music City and has a long history of music. The city is filled with a variety of genres of music as many people with different style start here.

Aside from that, the city has the biggest influence on country music. Besides having Country Music Hall of Fame, many influential artists such as Allman Brothers, and Hank Williams were from here.

So, for many aspiring artists in country music, Nashville is their Mecca of music which was one of the reasons for Grace moving to Nashville.

Meet Grace West's Family

Grace West was born to her parents Jill and Daryl Rembinski. Grace also has a sister and a brother.

Her mother Jill Rembinski and her father Daryl Rembinski are both medical practitioners.

Jill completed her graduation from the University of Detroit Mercy and Wayne State University in Nursing and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

Even before her graduation, she had already been working as a medical assistant. Later when she was registered as a nurse, she worked at Botsford General Hospital.

Jill Rembinski is the certified nurse working at Pediatric Associate of Franklin.
Jill Rembinski is the certified nurse working at Pediatric Associate of Franklin.( Source : instagram )

After working for 11 years as a registered nurse, she took a leap toward becoming a Pediatric nurse practitioner. She worked at Henry Ford Health System as a Pediatric nurse practitioner for 5 years.

When Grace later had to move to Nashville, she packed along with family and came to Nashville. Currently, she is working in her old profession at Pediatric Associates of Franklin.

Daryl had joined US Army Medical Dept. AMEDD center, where he learned the surgical technology in 1997. After graduating, he started his work at Detroit Medical Center as a Surgical technologist.

After working there for 16 years, he moved to St. Mary Mercy Hospital, where he made his living her more than 7 years. When their daughter moved to Nashville, Dayrl was behind her.

Daryl Rembinski is working as certified surgical technologist.
Daryl Rembinski is working as certified surgical technologist. ( Source : instagram )

After reaching Nashville, he worked at Vanderbilt University Medal Center and is currently working as Certified Surgical Technologist for the medical center for two years.

Unlike her parents, her big sister Abbey stayed back in Michigan. She completed her studies at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and served at Ironwood Grill of Plymouth.

The younger brother D.J. followed his parents and is currently studying as a junior at Ravenwood High School in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Grace West The Voice Age

Grace West from The Voice age is 19 years old. But she is not the youngest competitor of the show.

Grace was born on September 24, 2003. The Voice season 23 had many contestants who participated to be selected by coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan for their future careers.

Grace has stepped on the final round of The Voice.
Grace has stepped on the final round of The Voice. ( Source : instagram )

The youngest contestant to participate were of age 15. One of the participants was Ryley Tate Wilson, and another was from the group Sorelle member Bella Heichel.

The bit older participants are Mary Kate Connor, Mariah Kalia and Alison Bailey who are 17 years old. The 18-year-old participants were Sophia Hoffman and Gina Miles.

In the same age group bracket similar to Grace, there was Kylee Dayne who was from Carrollton, Texas.

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